Feedback for Nayza

May 31, 2018

    1. Hi! I'm a new person here, but I hope I'll have a good feedback!
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    2. I bought a pair of boots from Nayza, lovely seller - great communication and shipped quickly (even offered to refund postage as it ended up cheaper!) :)
    3. I purchased a pair of shoes from clouds_inside and everything went perfect. Great communication ^^ item packaged extremely well and shipped fast. I highly recommend this seller. :)
    4. I bought a splendid PashaPasha black hills from Clouds_inside. I adore them !!! Very pleased with the all transaction!! Thank you kindly:}
    5. Excellent Customer. Immediate payment and wonderful communication
    6. I purchased a SartoriaJ Yvonne head from Clouds. It was a great experience! Extremely quick to respond, very polite and transparent the entire time. They packaged everything very, very well and there was no damage to the head or box. Very impressed and happy!

      Would definitely purchase from again!
    7. I purchased a doll head from Clouds_inside and it was a terrific transaction. She was polite, quick to reply to my pm's and quick to ship. I would gladly buy from her again. Thank you.
    8. I purchased a SartoriaJ Jude head from Clouds_inside. Wonderful transaction. Good and quick comunication, and the head was shipped the next day. I would highly recommend, and would buy from them again.
    9. I purchased a Rainman Sabrina Rosie head from Clouds_inside, and all went smoothly. Would absolutely buy from again, and would recommend as a seller.
    10. I purchased Secret Art Studio purple urethane 12mm eyes from Clouds_inside. It was fantastic! She was very polite and replied to my messages very quickly and shipped them the next day after payment. Will definitely purchase from her again!
    11. I purchased a Granado Venus head and she arrived quickly in perfect condition. One thing I wanted was for the existing faceup to be removed and @clouds_inside did a very thorough job. Fast, pleasant communication.
    12. ★ Positive Feedback! ★

      I purchased a La Légende de Temps Ballerino body from @clouds_inside. She kindly accommodated a five-month layaway with me, and once the final payment was sent, the body shipped quickly and arrived to me in perfect condition, no problems at all. I’m very thankful for this seller’s courteous patience and would definitely give her my recommendation!
    13. I bought a beautiful Rainman Rene head from @clouds_inside , she shipped as soon as I paid, and I got her in a few days. Super easy transaction, I would buy from her again.
    14. I bought two Rainman Imani heads with amazing elf ear mods! Once again, @clouds_inside shipped them the same day, and I got them in three business days. They arrived in perfect condition, and I couldn't be happier. :)