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Feedback for Nefgoddess

Aug 21, 2007

    1. Like the title says, feedback for me, nefgoddess ^^!
      Please buyers and seller post my feedback here.
      Thank you! ^^;)
    2. Bought some eyes from me. Very quick payment, and very sweet, to boot. Thanks for a smooth transaction. :D
    3. Nefgoddess just bought a Domuya body from me; while she was making up her mind, she kept in close communication with me, plus she was understanding and paid VERY promptly when I had to ask her to make a decision (because another buyer wanted the body). She also asked great questions, and made sure she understood every part of the deal!
    4. Nefgoddess bought a Standard K head from me. She was polite in all her questions and comments, paid me as promptly as was possible, and was very patient when the postal service created some complications.

      She's trusting, pleasant, prompt, and very nice. I'd definitely sell to her again! ^^
    5. Nefgoddess bought eyes from me, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction, she paid fast and has excellent communication.
    6. Nefgoddess bought a wig from me. She paid promptly and kept good communication. Was great to deal with. Thank you!
    7. Bought a can of Testor's Dullcote from me, and again, very smooth transaction.
    8. I participated in a homesew order with Nef! Wonderful service and contact! :D Definitly a sweet to deal with!
    9. Nefgoddess bought a wig from me. Very fast payment and very good communication.