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Feedback for Nefisa

Nov 18, 2010

    1. Please leave your comments here about any transaction you could have done with me.

      Thank you. :)
    2. Nefisa purchased an outfit from me. She was very friendly, everything went smoothly! Great buyer!

      Thank you so much! :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar
    3. I sold a DoD Kellan Head to Nefisa.
      She was very friendly and the entire transaction went very smooth. I highly recommend her.

      Thanks again~!
    4. I bought Fantasia's doll head from nefisa's Octarine e-shop.

      First of all I'd want to thank her greatly for her kind service to contact Fantasia with the request after they finished getting orders for the head I needed. Then we had a pleasant nice conversation, I was informed about my order as soon as it was possible unless Fantasia had great problems with processing orders for several month. And some weeks ago I was notified by Nefisa that my head arrived to get shop and it's ready for shipping to me.
      Nefisa was very kind and patient during my long payment process (I had some problems with my PP currency conversion). She shipped the order quickly and it got to me within 10 days.

      So I can recommend Nefisa as a highly reliable seller!

      Thank you, dear!