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Feedback for Neki-chan

Sep 28, 2010

    1. Hello everyone!:)

      I sell some things in Market Place, and I buy on it too. I'll be glad if you coment your transaction with me here :)

      It only take a little time;)

      ¡¡Thank you very much!!
    2. Neki-chan bought some dolll eyes from me , she is very kind people ,and during the whole transaction , it is good feeling to make the business with her, very friendly , so i would like to recommend her to all of you , if you want to have the happy time and get friendship with your business ,she is the right people to contact ,

      thank you, chan , i am willling to work for you again ,

    3. I bought an Iplehouse EID woman body from Neki-chan, and am very pleased with the transaction. Neki-chan packed everything very securely, mailed the package less than 24 hours after receiving my payment, had great communication, and was all-round very pleasant to do business with.

      I would happily buy from Neki-chan again :)

      As a side note about the quirks of the postal system, my tracking never updated past "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment", so if you order something from Neki-chan and that's all that your tracking shows for a really long time, it doesn't mean that anything bad happened to your package.
    4. I purchased a Feeple60 Celine from Neki-Chan.
      Neki-Chan allowed me to pay for Celine by layaway and when I finished paying she was shipped super fast! Packaging was good and a sweet note included.
      Overall a really easy and pleasant transaction. Thank you! X