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Feedback for Neko-Mimi

Mar 9, 2012

    1. I searched everywhere for her feedback thread, but I never found one. So I'm making one for this wonderful Girl!

      I bought a 06 CP Breakaway head from Neko-mimi and wow, it was shipped fast and was packaged safely! He is wonderful, and better then I ever dreamed he would be! She even shipped some gifts along with him. I would love to buy from her again!

    2. I just got in an HZ Ao Ze Tian from Neko-Mimi and I am very happy with my purchase. The doll is just as she described and she allowed me to put him on a layaway since I could not pay for him all at once. It was a pleasure doing business with Neko-Mimi. She is very friendly and accommodating.