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Feedback for nekokoi

Sep 4, 2009

    1. Since there wasn't one here already, I'll start a feedback thread for nekokoi.

      I bought a Soom Glot from her; from start to finish, it was a very smooth transaction. She asked for a fair price, sent the doll right away in the original shipping box, and was always very prompt in responding to my PMs. I would gladly buy from her again in the future. :)
    2. I've done multiple group orders with Nekokoi, the most recent of which was from Dream of Doll. She communicated clearly, gave good instructions regarding payment, and told me when our order was delayed, and kept me updated as she was updated by the company. I would have absolutely no qualms about trading with her again.:thumbup
    3. Nekokoi participated in my Soom MD split for Cass. Good communication and fast payment. Thank you very much :)
    4. Nekokoi traded me kid Delf Bory girl for Soom Skoll. And we did a group order from DOD. She was always updating me as soon as she was informed. I will for sure continue to work with her no doubt! <3
    5. Nekokoi adopted an iplehouse real skin Tania from me and is a lovely friendly person to spend time during a transaction. The whole process was simple and straight forward. She offered a layaway that suited her and there was never any delays. I would be more than happy to work through a transaction again with Nekokoi.
    6. I participated in a group order with Nekokoi for a SOOM Glot. She was very clear on what my portion of the ordering price would be and when she needed my layaway payments; she kept me updated during the whole process, and she delivered my doll promptly.
    7. Correction: I participated in a group order for a SOOM *Beyla*. (It is very cold today here in North Texas, and I think my brain has frozen.)
    8. I purchased a Beyla body from Nekokoi, and she was spectacular to deal with. Great communication, packed well. Doll Beyla's body was given off to me in person, when she came to visit, since I purchased within a week of her trip. Other items I have purchased in the past have been shipped quickly and efficiently.
    9. I purchased an OE Beyla head from Nekokoi. She was willing to split the items and sell me just the head that I wanted. Despite unexpected shipping delays, the doll arrived a week from the date I paid. The head is adorable! I wasn't expecting the face-up residue, but the FS thread did mention that the head was "used" so that's partly my fault.

      All in all, I'm satisfied with the head!
    10. I purchased a Skoll outfit from Nekokoi. The transaction was perfect, and the item arrived fast in wonderful condition. Thank you so much Nekokoi!
    11. I bought two outfits from nekokoi. Good price, good quality, great communication. The outfits were posted quickly.
      Thanks a lot for a wonderful transaction! I would buy from you again! :)
    12. I bought Beyla hoovies from Nekokoi. Everything went great and well, she is a nice person, easy to communicate. She shipped them fast after payment!
      Thank you very much! :)