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Feedback for Nelene

Jun 7, 2010

    1. This is the feedback thread for Nelene

      Please post any and all feedback for buying/selling encounters with me here - thank you so much :)
    2. I have sold a minifee shushu to nelene, everything went fine..there was a bit of a scare when we where not sure if the postal services could find her house, but she kept me well informed and everything worked out fine.
      good communication and fast payment thank you for a pleasant transaction.

    3. Nelene made me a custom slim-mini dress for me and I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction. She kept me updated and sent me a photo before shipping it. It was a very pleasant transaction and I can only recommend commissioning her or doing any other sort of business with her. :)
      Thank you, Helene!
    4. I bought a Delf Miyu from Nelene. She answers every messages and keeps you informed about any detail, she is also very careful about shipping and package. The Item arrived very safely and everything was well~!
      Nelene is a very polite and honest person, I would negotiate again with her anytime.
      Thank you! Merci~:D
    5. I sold a LittleFee faceplate to Nelene and it was a pleasant transaction. She paid quickly and always had great communication. I would do business with her again. ;)
      Thank you so much. :D
    6. I bought a Doll Chateau Bella from Helene and it was the most speedy, pleasant and friendly transaction! Helene is lovely and reliable, I would definitely buy from her again! Thank you, Helene!!!! :)