Feedback for NellieTheRed

Dec 15, 2016

    1. Please leave feedback here^^
    2. My transaction with NellieTheRed was absolutely great! They bought my Tender Elf Sha head. The buyer was very prompt with answering my PMs and making payment, and pleasant to talk to. Great buyer, I would definitely do business again.
    3. NellieTheRed bought my DOD Homme Ducan on layaway. The transaction was great, she always paid on time and made the layaway easy and comfortable. Also very pleasant to talk to and responded to PMs very quickly even though I was sick a lot and took longer than expected to ship, she stayed polite and understanding the whole time.
    4. Leaving positive feedback or NellieTheRed. She purchased a Soom Metato from me through a short layaway. She paid on time with each payment and was amazing to deal with! I definitely highly recommend her! :)