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Feedback for Nenanena

Apr 7, 2010

    1. If I've bought anything from you or sold you something, please leave feedback here thanks! :)
    2. Nenanena bought a wig from me. She is a great, certainly serious buyer and a nice person to deal with :) Thank you!
    3. She took part in my Soom Ai split and the transaction was perfect. ^^ I have nothing to complain about. Thank you. ^^
    4. Nenanena commissioned from me dress for Iplehouse Special I. She was very friendly. Payment was fast. Our communication was really great too :). Everything was fantastic, thank You :).
    5. Nena took part in the GO that I organised.
      Everything went really well & the contact was really nice!

      I fully reccommend transactions with her!
    6. Nena took part in a small GO that I organized. The payment was fast, the contact was good, everything went very smooth. Thank you :)
    7. I bought a Custom House's doll from Nena.
      She was very friendly and the communication was great.
      Thanks so much !
    8. Nena bought a dress from me. Transaction was very perfect! Good contact and fast payment. I recommend!
    9. Nenanena participated in my GO from Dollmore. Fast payment, fast PM's replying, very nice person :) I recommend!!
    10. I bought a shoes from her. She is a great seller ^^
    11. Had a pleasure to trade wigs with Nena.
      She's been very communicative and professional. No problems, instant info, fast and safe shipping.

      Thank you! ^^
    12. Nena bought a wig from me and was fast with the payment. I recommend her!
    13. I've bought Cuprit's outfit from nenanena. The transaction went perfectly smooth. Nenanena sent the package in time. I reccoment her as a seller!
    14. I bought an MSD dress from Nenanena and the transaction was wonderful! ^-^

      Communication and packaging were both great!
      I would gladly do business with her again!

      Thank you!
    15. Nena sold me a lovely doll and sent her out quickly, very well packaged.
      Good communications, excellent reliable seller.
      Many thanks :daisy
    16. Bought a Supia Juah head. A perfect transaction in every aspect! Would love to buy from nenanea again!