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Feedback for Neolucky

Aug 25, 2006

    1. Since I've bought and sold a few items here, and been asked if I had a feedback thread, I decided to start one =)! So if there's any feedback to be made about my purchases (Or if I ever sell anything) This is the place to post it! Thanks. :aheartbea

      :cake:Bought Items from::cake:

      ponygery - La Personelle Boots and Black Lace Lingerie for Dollfie Dream

      Akari - Large Bust plate for Dollfie Dream, and two sets of clothing

      Midnightferret - Dollfie Dream Body V.1, two DD heads (Extra eyes as a gift!)

      Azurielle - Green 18mm Eyes

      eveshka - Red medium Masterpeice eyes

      Nena - Navy Blue Straight SD wig

      VulpesPraedatum - Curly silver/white wig

      Julia - Orange and Yellow Animatic Volks Eyes

      Belladurmiente87 - Dollmore White Lilith head

      Crybabygirl777 - Volks 16mm Mettalic Purple Eyes

      Solarsenshi - DOT Elf Ducan coat/collar/corset

      Celticgeekess - 16mm Violet Flat Back Glass

      Konlin - 3 Wigs, 2 16mm sets of eyes

      Caddyvamp - Black and White Striped SD size Stockings

      Sour_Dotz - 2 pairs of Acrylic 16mm Eyes: blue and green

      Radiotrash - 3 Pairs of SD sized theigh high stockings

      Kuroneko - DD sized tennis shoe/boots

      BlairChan - Dollzone 16mm Purple Eyes

      Kittybongo - Pink wig

      Flonne - Leroi Snow Modified MSD Dollfie

      Hanshin - 14mm Grey Acrylic Eyes

      Celticgeekess - 14mm Gray Glass Eyes

      EGLovecraft - Long Mint colored Wig

      SolarCat - 70cm Boots

      Bagofspiders - 14 mm Blue Eyes

      :cake:Sold Items to::cake:

      Ingrid - Dollfie Dream Body 1, blushed and asthetics by moi.

      AerynAerie 3 Green Animatic Eyes
    2. Oh good, you have a feedback thread! :D

      Neolucky was a wonderful buyer. Very friendly and I'd be more than happy to sell to her again. :)
    3. Neolucky was a fantastic buyer, she gave my girl a great new home and was more than pleasant to deal with. She even gave me sympathy when I got my wisdom teeth out :D
    4. Sold some eyes to Neolucky! Very quick payment! Good transaction!
    5. Neolucky bought a pair of eyes from me and paid promptly ~ I'd deal with any time!

    6. she bought a Lilis head from me, paid super fast. Thank you I hope you enjoy the head ^_^
    7. Neolucky bought elf ducan's partial stock from me, very friendly buyer and swift payment! Thanks!
    8. Neolucky is a wonderful customer!! Thanks so much!
    9. Very good customer! ^^ She bought two pairs of eyes for me, paid quickly and was kind in messages. I would definitally reccomend her as a buyer~

    10. Wonderful seller, very nice and communicative. I have bought her a dollfie dream body and it was really well packaged and shipped promptly. I hightly recommend her as a seller. Thank you again for this nice transaction.

    11. Neolucky bought a pair of DD shoes from me. Promt payment and good communication. Thank you. ^_^
    12. I bought 3 eyes from Neolucky and they arrived in perfect time! ^__^ She's such a sweetie! ^__^ Thank you Neolucky!
    13. I sold my DoT I-ra outfit to Neolucky, and the whole transaction went very smoothly. Quick to pay + friendly communication, thanks for letting me know it arrived safely:D
    14. Neolucky is an awesome buyer! I got the payment fast, and notified when they package arrived. And Neolucky is very sweet, and kind!

      I would love to do business with Neolucky again!
    15. She bought a pair of glass eye from me.
      Nice buyer and fast payment.
      Highly Recommend!!!^_^
      Thanks~~m(_ _)m
    16. I sold a pink yo-sd size wig to Neolucky and it was a perfect transaction. She paid quickly and let me know when the wig had arrived. She's a pleasure to work with!
    17. Sold a doll to Neolucky. She paid promptly and a great pleasure to do business with. Thank you so much for a perfect transcation! :fangirl:
    18. Sold some fur wigs to Neolucky--she was great! Fast payment and good communication, she let me know as soon as they arrived. Definately reccommended!
    19. I had a wonderful transaction with Neolucky! She commissioned some custom scalemail from me, and she was an absolute pleasure to do business with.

      Thanks so much Neolucky!
    20. I bought a MDD Mirai from Neolucky... she was wonderful to work with, had wonderful communication, sent a bunch of lovely items with my girl... AND 2 postcards of her FABULOUS artwork!

      I couldn't be more thrilled, everything was just perfect :)