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Feedback for Nepherim

Feb 15, 2006

    1. Since I haven't done any selling on ebay, and have no feedback there, and I keep being asked for feedback, I'd appreciate it if all those who have dealt with me left some feedback? Thanks so much!
    2. I got Hello Kitty cups from Nepherim and they were delivered quickly and packed well. She was communicative and helpful.
    3. Thanks so much! ^__^ C'mon Guys, help me out please?
    4. Nepherim lead a Luts group order for about 12 of us, she kept us updated along the way, and everyone got their orders promtly :)
      I would recommend her, and would definitely buy from/through her again.
    5. Like TOMATO said, she lead a eLuts.com group order, kept us all informed about what was going on when, sent out things promptly after recieving then and took CC PayPal. ♥
    6. Had a fine transaction on a couple heads. They were just as they had been described, except for one little face scratch that could easily have been overlooked.
    7. A face scratch? On which one? I'm so sorry. @__@;;
    8. Not sure if this will help. All I have is feedback with you as the buyer. Excellent communication, speedy payment. Overall great transaction.
    9. Yes, an absolutely bang-up job on the Luts group order! Please PM me when you plan to do another! :)
    10. I was also part of the Luts group order. Got my item just fine. Lovely working with Nepherim.
    11. Nepharim ROCKS!!! I just got my magic 8 ball today, and it's fantastic!!! ^_^
    12. -BumpyPLZ-
    13. Neph is teh awesome~ If I could, I'd buy her soul... but I have no money and it's not up for grabs T___T
    14. XD. Maybe it is up for grabs. >_>
    15. 8D Really?
    16. Crane: [straightens his coat] ... [steps up to the microphone] "Lady Bright wishes me to say that her transactions with Nepherim have been most excellent. Harumatsu's Magic 8-Ball arrived safely and quickly at Turtle House... As did I. I was packed very nicely in yards of bubble-wrap, and Sir Robin said that the postal service could have played rugby with my box and I would have still emerged unharmed. [coughs] ... [looks a bit embarassed] ... I have to say that I'm thankful his theory was not put to the test, but I was still very well-packed."
    17. I sold Neph Kessari's blue wig through a different forum, and she was a great buyer. I would have no problem selling her more things in the future. Or gifting them, in the case of Kivara's wig. :)
    18. Well, I sent a small package out to Nepherim, who waited very patiently and didn't mind when it was late. Very nice to have worked with!!
    19. -nudges to top-
    20. Had a great transaction with Nepherim! Thanks again! :)