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Feedback for Nereina

Nov 26, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback here for transactions. Thank you. :)
    2. Nereina bought two dresses from me. She paid promptly and was great with communication. Thanks for a great transaction! =)
    3. Nereina joined a Leeke World group order I ran.
      The communication was smooth and overall process went perfect. Recommended buyer!

      Thank you. ^^
    4. Nereina joined my Blue Fairy split, she took the outfit (I wanted the doll). Everything was perfect! I would recommend her to anyone :aheartbea

      Thanks so much! :)
    5. Nereina joined my Luts Group order on another forum and was great with communication and getting her order and payment in on time. She was also very friendly and understanding when I met up with her, especially after my slight mix-up on the delivery. She was kind enough to wait for me to run home and get the correct item.

      Thanks for a great transaction!
    6. Sorry it took so long to leave this, please forgive me!

      Nereina participated in my Luts GO awhile back, things couldn't have gone better. :) Polite, friendly, and quick to respond, I wouldn't hesitate to let her join in the future<3

      Thanks for participating! :D
    7. i bought a Tan Angelsdoll Hyang form Nereina, the doll was in excellent condition and she was awesome to deal with (:
    8. I did a faceup on a Blue Fairy Xiao for Nereina, she is excellent to work with.
      Prompt communications and super friendly. I would definitely love to work with her again! (maybe more Blue Fairies? :>)
    9. Nereina is an excellent seller, friendly, patient, accommodating and with very good communication. The doll I bought was in like-new condition and very well packed. Thanks for such a great transaction!
    10. I bought a Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Xiao and a Minoruworld Junior Clare from Nereina. She was excellent to work with, great communication and shipped the dolls right away. They came carefully packed and in excellent condition!
    11. Bought a grey D-Storic Narae from Nereina, and it was a great transaction. Fast shipping and like new condition!