Feedback for Nerwign

Aug 21, 2020

    1. Please leave feedback for me if we have had a transaction together. Thanks!
    2. Great client! I recently made a dress for her girl as she very prompt with payment. Would love to work with her again. :)
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    3. :thumbup Nerwign purchased a IOS nebel from me and it was a great sale. Communication and payment were fast and direct. I highly recommend. :)
    4. Nerwign ordered two sets of food props from my Facebook shop, Turquoise D (a pink lemonade set and a cupcake set. She is a pleasure to deal with. Great communication and fast payment. She also shared with me the super cute photos of her dolls with the props. Thank you so much for your support!
    5. Nerwign purchased a pair of Soom horns from me. Communication was great, they paid promptly and let me know once the package arrived, as well. I definitely recommend them as a buyer and would do business with them again. Thanks!
    6. Nerwign bought a Loongsoul 69cm girl body from me. A pleasure to work with! Great communication, paid promptly and let me know once the package arrived. Will do business with them again and I definitely recommend them as a buyer. Thank you!
    7. Nerwign bought two Black Cherry Aishat WS heads from me and it was a perfect transaction! Payment was prompt, I was notified when the heads arrived safely, and communication was always quick and friendly. Thank you, Nerwign!
    8. I want to thank Nerwign for buying two 5-6 inch wigs from me. The deal went quickly and positively, very pleasant communication. Also a quick message about the receipt of the parcel. My best recommendations to Nerwign as a buyer! Thanks again!
    9. I sold 2 iplehouse set to Nerwign.The transaction went smooth,and communication was also very friendly and fast. I'd recommend this buyer to any seller here on DoA to deal with. Thank you!
    10. Thank you, Nerwign, for giving Ancient Tales Elva a New home!
      Everything went smoothly, and it was a very pleasant transaction.
      Highly recommend!
    11. @Nerwign purchased IOS Jade head from me. Communication was fast and paid immediately. She let me know when the package arrived. Highly recommend :)