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feedback for nessa

Jan 22, 2009

    1. Guess I better start this since I've come to the realization that I will eventually buy many many things from DoA. :sweat
      So far I've commissioned Haru-Ru of Haru's Haberdashery for a kimono but I'm stalking the marketplace now.
    2. Nessa bought a SSW skirt for me. Paid quickly and communicated very well. Was very patient thoughout the process since it took the post office 11 days to get it to her! Thanks!!
    3. excellent transaction! i highly reccomend this buyer :] everything went perfectly
    4. I sold a Ryu hybrid to nessa and it went wonderfully. She told me it was her first time buying a doll in the marketplace but I'd never have known otherwise! Highly recommended buyer! :)
    5. Nessa bought a necklace from me. She paid quickly, communication was great and the whole thing was a pleasure :3
    6. nessa participated in my dollmore group order! Great communication and quick payments! Thank you!
    7. Nessa commissioned me to paint her Minimee Daigo Stardust head.
      She's given me a lot of freedom in interpreting the faceup look and was very organised and timely in both sending out the head to me and making final payment.
      She was communicative so that it made it very easy to understand what she would like out of the project.. Thank you so much for this invaluable opportunity!
    8. Nessa was a participant in my third Glass Eyes group order and I have nothing negative to say about the transaction. She great to deal with, quick with paying invoices and awesome with keeping up communication on her end. This was a smooth transaction from start to finish and I really appreciate her participation!

      :clover Thank you for choosing to participate in one of my group orders!! :) I hope that your experience was a pleasant one!! :clover
    9. nessa bought sweater from me, she is a very nice customer^^ Hope could have futher transaction with her
    10. I bought a Migidoll ryu with soom body from her ! We had great contact, and she was really nice !!
    11. Sold a wig to nessa recently. The transaction went very good. The payment was prompt and communication was friendly. I would love to do business again in the future. ^___^ Thank you.
    12. nessa bought a hat from me, she paid fast, everything in the whole transaction was awesome, I will definitely do any business with her again. Thank you!!!
    13. nessa commissioned a pair of jeans from me. She was so wonderful to work with and was very very patient during our shipping issue. I would gladly work with her again.
    14. wonderful transaction with nessa :daisy
      ...she adopted ElfDoll tiny Soah from me.
      thanks so much nessa!! it was a pleasure working with you!
      enjoy her !! ^^

      xxoo kate
    15. I was commissioned be nessa to paint her Tan Supia Rosy. She paid promptly and I loved working with her. She was very very nice and always calm when replying. Thank you again, and I recommend her to anyone.
    16. Nessa ordered a buttonhole wrap from me in a great friendly, quickly-paid transaction ^^ Thanks much for letting me know the package arrived! Hope to work with you again soon!
    17. Neesa bought a Hound sized shirt and vest. She paid fast & let me know when items arrived. Very nice doing this transaction with her.
    18. I bought a pair of eyes from Nessa. Great transaction- she responded quickly and shipped on the next available day.
    19. Positive! - I bought a pair of eyes from nessa and the transaction was great! Seller had great communication and I received my item promptly! Thanks again!
    20. POSITIVE

      I purchased a pair of SD converse shoes from Nessa! Super fast shipping (and arrival!), good communication, and very nice! I would definitely recommend her as a seller! Thank you! :D