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Feedback for NeuroticSouthpaw

Jan 5, 2008

    1. If you've bought anything from me, or vice versa, you know what to do :)

      thank you :aheartbea
    2. I sold her a Kid Delf body. She paid me as soon as she could and was all around very pleasant to deal with. I'd definitely do business with her again. ^___^
    3. I sold her a YoSD Ayumu. She paid quickly and kept in touch the entire time. I would do business with her again and I really hope she enjoys her new doll. Thank you =)
    4. Sold a pair of Puki hands. The communication and payment were both great and prompt! Thanks a lot. =^_^=
    5. NeuroticSouthpaw bought a pair of 16mm urethanes from me, and I couldn't be happier with the transaction. Wonderful communication, and prompt payment. Would definitely do business with again. Thanks again!
    6. NeuroticShouthpaw just bought my Fairyland Event Nanuri head, and was such a treat to do business with. Thank you so much.
    7. NeuroticShouthpaw took part in my Fairyland GO. All went well! Wouldn't hesitate to have NeuroticShouthpaw in any of my GOs. Fast payment and quick to respond to PMs
    8. NeuroticSouthpaw bought a pair of Puki bow hands from me.
      Great communication and fast payment =^_^= Thanks!
    9. I participated in her September luts group order~ We met up and she gave what I had order~~
      She is really nice~
      Fast reply~ Polite~Good communication~well organized~

      A fantastic person to do business with and I would happily to do business with her again~

      Thank you~NeuroticSouthpaw! ^w^
    10. POSITIVE: I joined a Luts group order that Neuroticsouthpaw put together. The order went quickly and smoothly. Communication was excellent. I got my little shoe package and am very pleased. I'd join another GO again or do business with Neuroticsouthopaw again.
    11. Participated in a GO run by NeuroticSouthpa. She was very helpful and kept us posted on the info and was willing to send the head I ordered right to the face up artist I had lined up.
    12. Another happy GO participant. Kept me fully informed and was very helpful all round.
    13. NeuroticSouthpaw joined my FL GO and was sweet to work with ^^ let me know as soon as the items arrived and I know I'd work with her again~! :D
    14. I sold a wig to NeuroticSouthpaw, we have good communication and she made fast payment, she is a good buyer, thank you very much ^^
    15. I participated in a Soom Amber split ran by Torren and NeuroticSouthPaw. It went very well. Thank you both!
    16. I purchased some Puki parts from NeuroticSouthPaw. The transaction was flawless... she had wonderful communication and shipped the items out very quickly. I would definitely purchase from her again!
    17. Purchased some faceplates from NeuroticSouthPaw and the transaction went smoothly!
      Great communication and swift shipping. I would buy from her again!
    18. I bought an FDoll MSD boy body from NeuroticSouthPaw. Communication was great, I got updated all the time and notified if there were any delays. He was shipped within a good timeframe and arrived when I was expecting him to. He was packed well and in the condition he was described in the sales thread.

      NeuroticSouthPaw was wonderful to deal with, provided me wth excellent answers and pictures when I asked questions and went out of their way to help me with this transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone or do business with them again.

      Thank you for the lovely transaction. <3
    19. I bought a Kid Delf body from NeuroticSouthpaw and it was a wonderful transaction~! Thank you so much~! :3

      On closer inspection...the item was misrepresented!

      It was supposed to be a RS Kid Delf Boy Body from 07 in, as stated from the sale page, 'PERFECT' condition save from some blue marks around the legs. It was not supposed to ship unstrung, but was suprisingly done so. This was okay, I can handle that, but it was a beast to get strung back together.

      The blue marks are all over. This is another thing I can ignore, because he'll be clothed. Even after a magic clean bath they are under the arms and on the butt, back and torso, but I can cover them up.

      The thing that gets me is that this is a severely yellowed RS Kid Delf:




      I can only hope he's able to match the head I bought him for once I get it. I don't think it will, but with the right clothing maybe. He's so yellowed in some spots that you can turn his hand over and even his HAND doesn't match his body.

      Overall, I'm a little disappointed and I guess that next time I should do a more thorough evalualtion before leaving feedback. I had given him a bath and he seemed fine, but everything started appearing in the stringing process.

      I'm just not happy with this.