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Feedback for Nhaya

Mar 27, 2008

    1. Nhaya bought a pair of Elfdoll glasses from me. Paid quickly, good communication, and she let me know when it arrived! Good buyer, would deal with again!
    2. I bought a Ninodoll Iz head from Nhaya. I'm so happy with buying from her.
      The communication was just perfect: fast replies on my pms. In the weekend I paid for the head without shipping costs, and she was so kind to trust me and shipped out the head on monday allready, so I could pay the shipping costs after she had come back. Also the shipping was very fast! Monday shipped out, wednesday the head arrived!
      The head was wrapped in A LOT of bubblewarp, and in a very solid box. So the head arrived in perfect condition! :3
      Thoughout the whole proces of selling the head to me, she was very kind and understanding.
      Thank you so much for selling me the head. <3
    3. I'm so sorry to post this feedbackT T~~~And Let you know the head arrived too late~~I'm so Sorry TAT~
      I bought a lance head from Nhaya ~~~The head have very good communication,and shipping quickly~
      It't very kind of she~!
      This is a very happy transaction
      Thank you very much dear Nhaya