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Feedback for NicoDelano

Oct 28, 2009

    1. Hello, please leave feedback for me here!
    2. I have just received from NicoDelano Dollheart's Silver Fog Jacket and pants from this year's Fukubukuro trade list, and I can't be more satisfied! She's been fast and reliable and I got them just in time for Christmas! I just hope she's as satisfied with my part of the trade as I am with hers :)
    3. I bought a shirt from the Dollheart Fukubukuro from NicoDelano and it was a perfect transaction! The shirt was exactly as described and the shipping was very fast! Communication was excellent. Thanks so much!
    4. Ibought a shirt from the Dollheart Fukubukuro from NicoDelano. The shirt is wonderfull, shipping was fast and she's super nice ! Thank you very much ! :fangirl:
    5. NicoDelano bought a Sephiroth MNM head from me, and everything went perfectly.

      Fast payment, excellent and very friendly communication, a lovely buyer and a pleasure to deal with ;)

      Thanks so much! <3
    6. Another great transaction with NicoDelano! She bought a Soom Bygg from me, and once again she was a pleasure to deal with ;)

      Thanks again! <3
    7. NicoDelano participated in my sixth Pale Blossoms Glass Eyes group order and was absolutely wonderful to work with. Communication was consistently well kept and payments were sent in swiftly. A great transaction all the way around~

      :clover Thank you for your participation in this order!! :clover
    8. NicoDelano participated in my MnM GO and was a pleasure to work with. Her communication was excellent and payments prompt. I highly recommend her and would happily work with her again. Thank you for joining my GO:fangirl:
    9. I sold a fur wig to NicoDelano and the transaction was perfect! Our communication was delightful, and she sent the payment very quickly and informed me of the arrival. Thank you again! ^_^
    10. NicoDelano participated in my Soom MD Grit Split and she was a fantastic split partner.
      The communication was great and each payment was always made in a prompt manner.
      I am very happy with my transaction with her that I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. Thank you so much!!