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Feedback for NicoleLynn

Jan 16, 2007

    1. Very fast payer! Excellent transaction. Thank you NicoleLynn! ^__^
    2. Since Nicole doesn't have a feedback thread, here's one for her! ^__^

      I sold a pair of shoes to Nicole; she was very friendly in the course of the transaction and paid promptly. The weather here in Texas had been rainy/floody, and she was very understanding when I couldn't ship when I usually do.

      I do not hesitate recommending her as a buyer! ^^
    3. Good transaction~ Paid quickly! Wonderful buyer!
    4. NicoleLynn buys a NightFall coat from me :) Payment was send fast and everything was perfect. Thanks!
    5. Nicole bought a msd school uniform from me..she's been fast payer and a cute and nice peson to talk with!
      Hope she'll like the item I've sent her!
    6. Hey hon! I realized i Never left your feedback for buying your Mickey from me! Nicole is the sweetest, most wonderful buyer! She is down to earth, and alot of fun to deal with :) I enjoyed our transaction immensely! :D
    7. What can i say she got me my first bjd glitch which is awsome. She brought me into the doll fam with my glitch and her two childern mikey and harvey. Its been fun. Even though ive never been into the whole bjd thing. I can respect that my wife loves it and well i will have fun doing it. So far i have had a great time going to the events with her and meeting the people. So id have to give her good feed back. As both brining me in and helping me meet some great people. But as well as bringing the family closer together.
    8. NicoleLynn purchased wig and sneaker shoes from me. Payment was fast! Communication was also good ^^ Thank you very much~!
    9. NycoleLynn purchased a Luts Soony from me, she payed promptly, kept in excellent communication and was very sweet all around!

      Thank you so much!
      ~Gio :aheartbea
    10. Sold a set of Cherry Doll outfit and a wig to NicoleLynn. Fast payment and great communication. ^_^

      Thank you for so much.... <33
    11. Nicole bought a Mini Fee Soo from me and she was a dear to do business with. Very good buyer. Thanks:0)
    12. ~POSITIVE~NicoleLynn bought some canvas shoes from me. She paid quickly and kept in touch. Was always prompt in replies and friendly. Very nice to work with, a pleasure.
      Thank you,
    13. Another great transaction- thank you for your speedy payment!
    14. I had a great transaction with Nicolelynn and would definitely do business with her again! Her pm's and payment were really fast, and she pm'd me right away when the item arrived. Thank you! :-D
    15. sold a puki puki to NicoleLynn and she was excellent to deal with! fast payment, good communication, easy-going when paypal went weird. would definitely do business with again :)
    16. I sold a pukisha set to NicoleLynn. She paid very quickly and was understanding of my shipping schedule. She's very nice and I would definitely deal with her again! Thanks for a great transaction! :D
    17. NicoleLynn bought my SDF Annette, wig, and some clothes from me.
      Great transaction overall: prompt payment and great communication.
      Thanks and hope you enjoy her! :)
    18. NicoleLynn bought a tiny from me. She paid instantly, and was a pleasure in her communications. Great transaction! :)
    19. Our transaction started back on November. She purchased a lot of clothes and wigs from me. I shipped the package to her but it was returned to me because it was unclaimed. In the process of being returned to me, it was "lost" and I had to fill a claim. The package appeared here in the middle of January and I re-sent it as soon as I had it. After that, the package reached her ok!

      During the transaction, we had good communication and she paid the shipping costs to me to re-send the package. So I'm happy with this transaction and with her as a buyer :)
    20. I sold my DoD Twing-key to her. She's a wonderful person to work with. I highly recommend, and I also thank her for being so patient with me when I couldn't send her doll to her right after payment due to work. <3