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Feedback for NicoleWagner

May 4, 2010

    1. ^^ this is where you put your feedback of me from your dealings with me, I guess!:aheartbea
    2. NicoleWagner bought a shirt from me, everything went so great :D Thank you!!
    3. POSITIVE as a buyer. paid quickly & let me know when the item arrived. thank you. ^_^
    4. <33
      Terribly sorry for taking so long to leave you feedback m'dear!

      Not too long ago I sold Nicole a pink fur wig and the transaction couldn't have gone any better! She was very understanding when it took me forever to actually ship the wig ( I am very sorry once again D: ) not to mention polite and nice the entire time.<3 PMs were responded to very quickly and the payment sent right away!

      I wouldn't hesitate to do business again or recommend her to anyone that may be looking to do business with her.<3
      Thanks again, and I hope you're enjoying the wig! :D
    5. Bought a wig from Nicole and it went very well. Item was clean and well taken care of. Thanks alot!
    6. Sold some clothes to Nicole at a doll meet. Paid me ASAP after the meet. Would recommend highly! Thank you, hon! :)
    7. I bought an Angel Street Zazean from Nicole and she was wonderful to deal with! She shipped him fast and he arrived in wonderful condition! Packaged perfectly and with all his accouterments~! :3
    8. Purchased a wig from me, immediate payment, perfect in every way. Friendly and great to work with.
    9. Nicole is a dream to deal with, I really couldn't ask for a better person to purchase from. She's very prompt with communication and is very nice to deal with. I will be buying from her again, most likely in the near-ish future. :D
    10. I bought my first BJD, a DZ Aimi, from Nicole! She was so nice and I'm so happy that I bought from her! She answered to my PMs really quickly, notified me when she received the payment, when Aimi was shipped, and when she arrived. She was packed very safely and nothing came damaged! I would definately buy from her again, 100%. ^_^
    11. I sold a dress to Nicole. She paid very quickly, and was great to deal with. Thanks!
    12. I ran a LeekeWorld GO and Nicole was in it. She pm'd with form filled out, paid soon after I requested payment, and replied to PMs really fast. How fast? Well I got feedback from her while I was typing this! Thanks for joining GO :) !
    13. Nicole commissioned me for a yukata order. The transaction was quick and flawless and she was just a sweetheart to deal with. I highly recommend her. :)
    14. Nicole was kind enough to sell me a pukifee hamster faceplate and the transaction was smooth sailing. Lightning fast pms that were friendly, next day shipping, and excellent packing! Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again, thanks so much!
    15. I bought an A Zi Luo Doll Family elf from NicoleWagner and it was a happy transaction--quick shipping and great communication and extras too--so nice! Would be happy to buy from again!
    16. I bought a Dollheart dress from Nicole. PM responses were super quick, and even though shipping went a few dollars over she covered it for me! Also, the dress was in perfect condition. Thanks Nicole!
    17. Bought a Soom Appini outfit from her. Super fast responses, friendly and informed me of when she missed shipping due to bad weather in her area. Outfit arrived in perfect condition and was well packed. I would gladly buy from her again.
    18. I traded my 2007 gem soom Godo for her 2Sdoll and found the transaction to be the best i have ever had. i Highly recommend her!! wendy
    19. I sold a pair of eyes to NicoleWagner. She is very nice to deal with and make payment very quickly. Thank you so much :)
    20. NicoleWagner bought an MSD Fer from me, and she was lovely to deal with. I'd recommend her to anyone! :)