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Feedback for NikonSnow

Jun 15, 2007

    1. n_n thought I'd make a feedback thread for Nikonsnow since I could not find one already made.

      I sold some really cute items from my shop to Nikonsnow, and it was a really smooth transaction. n_n I'd have no problem buying or selling from her in the future.
    2. Aww, thanks ^^ (I think my last dolly purchase may have been before there were individual feedback threads! A looong time ago.)
    3. NikonSnow was a participant in my fourth For My Doll group order and everything was just swell! :D Quick payments and wonderful communication, I definitely wouldn't mind a chance to do business with them again!

      :clover ^__^ :clover
    4. NikonSnow bought a few outfit from me. I appreciate the quick payment and friendly communication she maintained. She even let me know when the item arrived which was so sweet of her. Thank you NikonSnow for such a smooth transaction!