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feedback For Niku-sama

Jun 26, 2006

    1. This is a thread for the great people I have dealt with

      I am sure there are others, I just deleted my old pm's not long ago.. would have come in handy now... Please pm me if I missed you!

      Great group orders organizers I have dealt with
      Pansy volks group order

      ~Awesome sellers whom I have bought from~
      beckers x2!
      Brennil x2!

      ~Awesome people I have sold to~

      ~Traded with~
    2. Just had a great trade with Niku-Sama! she traded two kewl wigs for two pair of funky glass eyes that i was never going to use..thanks so much for a great trade!!!
    3. just bought an yder head from Niku, and the whole thing was wonderfull, she did a lovely job on the eyes and neck modifications. Also fast to send, and the head arrived saftly.. Would make a deal with you enytime niku :D
    4. Just bought a faceplate, and I'm glad I did ^_^ fast delivery, nice person, I even got a little gift for my girl, what else can one ask for ?
      Definitly recommended ^_^
    5. Hi! I sold a couple of wigs to Niku-Sama. Very nice to deal with and paid very quickly. Thank so much!
    6. I bought an U-noa Sist faceplate from Niku-Sama, and I'm really happy with the transaction! The plate was extremely well packed, arrived quickly, and there was even an extra treat included! I'll definately have business with Niku again if given the oppertunity. <3<3
    7. I just purchased a pair of Enchanted Doll eyes from Niku-sama and the transaction was pleasant and she answered my questions very quickly! Highly recommended seller ^_^
    8. I trade my dollmore model doll Bella Auden to Niku Sama's ooak lishe!
      she was a very good person, very nice to deal with!!
      I really appreciated your contact!
      I tried to do my best for the shipment's inconvenient but.....
      best wishes for a wondeful seller!!
    9. I sold a pair of mystic eyes to Niku-Sama. She's very nice and did a quick payment! It's my pleasure to trade with her again :)
    10. I sold my Olivia to Niku-sama,payed promtly and good comunication.:love Lovely person would highly recommend.:)
    11. <3333 Sooo nice and prompt. XD <3 even made me a feedback thread.
      You don't have to worry with her~~~
    12. Niku-sama is awesome! I purchased a pair of mystic eyes from her, and they are brilliant...can't stop staring at them ^__^.

      Thanks so much!
    13. I split an order with Niku-sama awhile ago and she was super fast with payment, extra friendly, and so easy to deal with. I would love to work with her again in the future. Thank you very much. :D
    14. Bought a girl body from her. Painless transaction. She worked with me on when payment was going through. The body came in perfectly condition. I don't have any complaints. Would gladly do business again. ^_^
    15. I sold a body to Niku-sama, she was a lovely buyer and paid promptly, responded to PMs quickly and it was a great transaction overall... thanks very much!!! :)
    16. I bought an outfit set from her. Communication was great and shipping was speedy. Thank you so much!
    17. niku-sama purchased a damaged lishe head from me and was very pleasant to deal with ^^
    18. niku-sama bought two kitty doll from me fast payment great communicaiton very kind a great buyer thank you very much:D
    19. niku-sama purchased a few pair of eyes from me and the transactions was a complete pleasure. Wonderful communication, fast payment, just the best. Thank niku-sama for everything :)
    20. I sold a pair of Soom jointed hands to Niku-sama. Everything went great, she's a very nice person to deal with :D