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feedback for ninive

Jun 29, 2009

    1. please leave your feedback here if you had a transaction with me ;)

      My Ebay feedback
    2. I sold a MSD dress to her. Everything went correctly. Good buyer, thank you ^---^
    3. Thank you for buying MSD Noel - a smooth transaction!
      I sell her my little Narsha!
      Fast payment! Thanks a lot! ^^
    5. Ninive bought Soom Yrie from me and it was a very plasent transaction! Fast payment, fast reply to messages and let me know when the doll arrived saffely! Thank you :)
    6. I sold a modded DOB Tender Libra to Ninive, and the transaction was wonderful! She was patient when I was a day late with the tracking number, something which I was very thankful for.

      Thanks so much!
    7. Sorry for the delay on posting it!

      Ninive is a great seller, she is absolutely gentle! She sold me a cute Monkeys and socks for MSD and it´s all adorable!

      Very honest and very kind! Thank you!
    8. I was in a Leeke GO that Ninive ran and it was wonderful to deal with, thanks again <3<3
    9. I took part in a GO ninive ran.
      It was a smooth transaction and she's very helpful. She made this whole experience a good one.

      I would be willing to deal with her again and do recommend her.

      Thank you very much! :)
    10. I took part in a Leeke GO that ninive ran, it was an excellent experience throughout, very well ran, she is wonderful to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again.

      Thanks ninive :)
    11. I recently took part in a GO that ninive ran. Communication was great and, once shipped, my items arrived quickly (and well packaged!)
      Thank you for running this GO, ninive!
    12. I took part in Ninive's recent Leekeworld GO and couldn't be more pleased. She kept us up to date throughout and shipped my wig fast and securely packaged. I would definitely partake in a GO organised by her again! Thanks very much!
    13. I participated in Ninive's leekeworld GO and she did a wonderful job hosting it. :)
      She was quick on updating us and let me know when she shipped my package.

      Thank you so very much <3
    14. I took part in ninive's Leekeworld GO, it was a very pleasant experience :)! Great communication and my items arrived quickly and were packed very well. I would definitely deal with her again. Thank you very much!!
    15. Sorry it's late.

      I took part in a Leekeworld GO run by Ninive.

      It was the best experience I have had in a GO thus far and she was incredibly understanding and helpful when I ran into a problem with my paypal account.

      5 stars!
    16. Ninive is very sweet to work with. I did a crochet trade with her, and the items she sent me were beautiful and carefully made. We had some trouble with shipping, due to some of the international problems that were going on at the time, but she really came through. I am very pleased with the two Pukifee dresses I received, and would be happy to work with her again. :)
    17. I was a participant in ninive's Leekeworld GO for wigs in limited colors. ^^ My my wig turned out great and the GO thread was updated whenever there were news, ninive even asked other participants if it was ok for some of us to get pre-order wigs (that take longer to make). Lucky for us, everyone agreed, and I have my new lovely wig! Thank you for organizing this GO, ninive! :D
    18. Ï took part in a Leekeworld GO ninive organized. Everything went really well and I received my wig in good condition. I can only recommed dealing with her. :) Thank you.
    19. Ninive bought me a Luts head. fast payment and good communication ! Thank you ! :)
    20. Ninive bought a Dollzone Luke head from me, and I could not ask for a smoother transaction! She paid promptly, and explained to me a bit about Italy Customs that was really helpful for both me and her to send/receive! The whole time she had great communication, and was very polite~ I would definitely recommend her to anyone, both local and international! She was an absolute delight!~

      Thanks again!