Feedback for Nissa

Jul 8, 2019

    1. It seems like I'm in need of one of these! If I've purchased anything doll-related from you, please feel free to leave feedback here! Thank you!! <3
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      Nissa bought a Mecha Angel Sabik from me and the transaction was super smooth! It was a short layaway with no hitches at all, she was super friendly and the whole process was highly enjoyable. Best part, we still chat! i made a new friend! I would highly recommend working with Nissa, she is a gem!
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    3. Nissa bought a Mecha angel’s Hoodie from me. Great communication. Fast payment. Very smooth & pleasant transaction overall. She also let me know when the package arrived:DHighly recommended buyer~! Thanks again for your purchase~!:)
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    4. @Nissa bought a Dollshe fashion Adonis from me, and the transaction was perfect! She did a small layaway and payments were always exactly on time, all communication was extremely friendly and prompt, and she let me know when the package got to her safe and sound! I would definitely do business with her again, she's a dream buyer! <3
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    5. Nissa bought a Fang head from me and it went smoothly. She paid on time and let me know as soon as it have arrived. Communication was friendly and i would love to deal with her again in a future.
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    6. Positive feedback!
      Nissa bought a Ringdoll MengHe head from me and was a great buyer, letting me know when she would pay and paying on time :3nodding: Very friendly and great to deal with, let me know as soon as he arrived! Would happily deal with again! :aheartbea
    7. Nissa bought two doll stands and a pair of eyes from me, and the transaction was perfect! She paid fast, communication was super friendly, and she let me know how she liked the stands when they got there! 110% would do business with her again!