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Feedback for Niteshadepromise!

Aug 14, 2006

    1. Hi! Figured it'd be a good idea for me to get one of these threads!

      If you've ever done a trade/purchase(one way or the other), please leave me some feedback!
      E-bay feedback is under the username niteshadepromise as well. ^_^

      Thank you!
    2. ^O^ happy to be the first one ^O^

      she's really a good buyer ^_^ recommended~
    3. Niteshadepromise is amazing and always does her best. She's blushed and scarred one of my boys and done a face-up (one of the many he's had :sweat) on the other one, she's always courteous and always polite.

      Oh! And she's great at making jewelry too!!
    4. Niteshadepromise blushed, sueuded, & tattooed my tan lishe.She worked in a timely matter, answeredALL my emails, and shipped my girl back to me very quickly. I will be commissioning Niteshadepromise again because she is a super sweetheart & very talented!!!
    5. Once again, working with Niteshadepromise was a very pleasant experience. Her jewerly is lovely and so is her personality. My items were shipped out asap & she kept me up to date through pms.
      Thanks Nitehadepromise!!
    6. Yay, Im an idiot ><
      Niteshadepromise did two beautifully perfect face ups for me on my little flourite, April and my lovely DollDream Lily, Uetena. I meant to post feedback for these face ups a loooong time ago as she did a perfect, wonderful job :aheartbea I hope to post pics soon. She did tattoo work and henna, blushing, ped/manicure, and face up on Uetena, and the face up on April, all of which came out better than hoped :D
      I keep meaning to post pics, and if she still wants them I will send them for her to use :sweat
      Anyway, thanks to you again hon, you did such a great job :aheartbea and made sure to take pics and get them home to me soon. She was very good about communicating, no problems at all!
      Edit: some pics of the work she did (though I still dont have a decent one of Uetena's tattoo ><
      Such beautiful work, hope you enjoy ^.^
    7. More overdue feedback for Nightshade promise! I have at home now three lovelies she has done face-ups for. My latest was a Cherishdoll Chubby which she did a beautiful job on. He is so cute <3 Again, no pics yet, I will try to update for her when I do a photo-shoot of him. She is always a great person to work with :)
    8. She did a good job on my Blaze (Leeke Kyou).
      Blushing and scaring. And scar looks amazingly great. And his hands are... like..completely real *_*
      Thank you very much.
      Great person to work with :)