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Feedback for Noctis

Jan 22, 2009

    1. Please leave me a feedback if I had a deal with you. Thanks!
    2. Noctis bought my Soom Topaz and she was an absolute delight to deal with. I could not have hoped for a better person to deal with and I have made a good friend too.

      Thank you so much.
    3. Noctis bought a WS Migidoll Vampire Ryu from me. While the transaction included a third party (her friend) who sent me the money because Noctis did not have paypal, she made sure that the money was sent and checked up on me and her friend to make sure her friend sent it and to make sure that I recieved it properly too.

      Also since Noctis didn't live domestically, when I needed clarification for her address, she helped to the best of her ability. Thus her communication was great and she was quick to PMs. ^^

      Overall, this was a very plesant and smooth transaction. Noctis was very helpful, friendly and trustful. :)
    4. Noctis bought an outfit from my shop and she was wonderful!! :D Her exchanges are very friendly and consistent, she was very patient every step of the way, and payment (through Noctis's friend) is super fast. I can't recommend this wonderful person highly enough, and definitely look forward to doing business with her again! :fangirl:

      Thank you so much again--it's been a pleasure!!
    5. I'm here to leave another positive feedback for Noctis~ :fangirl: She bought an outfit from my shop and as always, her communication is excellent and payment is super fast. The transaction couldn't have gone smoother on my part and I give her the highest recommendation! :aheartbea

      Thank you so very much again and I hope that the outfit will arrive to you soon! :pcupcake
    6. I sold a Soom Ai head to Noctis, and it was a very nice transaction. She is a lovely person to deal with. Excellent communication, she paid promptly as promise, and also promptly let me know when the head arrived. Thank you so much! ;)
    7. noctis purchased a vesuvia tail from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^
    8. Noctis purchased my Ashanti and was great to deal with. Fast and friendly communication , quick payment, what else could I ask for. I would definitely recommend her.
    9. Noctis was a participant in my Appini split and everything was smooth and pleasant! :) She has a great sense of communication and sent payments in when she promised to. I have no complaints with this transaction and would love a chance to do business with her again~ Much appreciated!! :)

      ♥[ Thank you for your participation in one of my splits!! ]♥​
    10. I bought "Soom Topaz ears" from Noctis ... I received them very fast, they were in excellent condition and extremely will packed ... moreover they came with two amazing gifts :D ... Noctis is a very kind, friendly and honest person ... I highly recommend ... Thank you so much for this wonderful transaction :dance
    11. Apologies for the delay!
      Noctis bought a dress from me and was sincere and quick with payment.
      Thank you for the smooth transaction!
    12. Noctis purchased Rapunzel's dress from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Friendly communication,quick payment,and was always very prompt with her replies.
      I look forward to doing business with her again,thank you very much:D:D
    13. Noctis bought 2 items from me. it was a perfect transaction she was a perfect buyer. Thank you so much :-)
    14. I sold some clothes to Noctis. Wonderful transaction! She was very friendly and prompt with her replies, and paid quickly as well. Perfect buyer!
    15. Noctis purchased a white fer from me. Wonderful to work with. Highly recommended. Thanks much and enjoy!!
    16. Noctis bought a sailor dress set for SD girls from me, and she was a pleasure to do business with! Communication was friendly, payment was prompt, and she let me know when her package arrived. Thanks so much! :D
    17. Noctis bought a Bluebell set and a Dahlia set from me.
      She is very friendly, easy to contact with and smooth transaction.
      She told me when she got the package and sent me some pics of her dolls in the new dress.
      I think I really want to do next business with her.
      Highly reccommend!!!
    18. Noctis purchased a rare omukae cardigan & skirt set from me. She was a true delight to deal with and is very good with communication. She sent the payment really fast and even let me know when it arrived. I really am very appreciative of buyers who let me know when their items arrive, hehe. I would totally recommend her to any seller! A++
    19. Noctis bought an outfit from me and she was a fantastic and very understanding buyer.
      Her communication was very good from start to finish. She also sent payment very fast. She let me knows as soon as the item arrived in her hands which is something I always appreciate in buyer. So thank you very much for this flawless transaction. :XD:
    20. Noctis bought a Volks outfit from me. She was very kind and paid promptly. I would definitely recommend her ^^.