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Feedback for noirapple

Sep 14, 2007

    1. I couldn't find a thread, so here is where I will leave feedback for noirapple

      noirapple participated in one of my luts group orders. My feedback for this user is neutral. The transaction went through just fine, I got my payments and shipped the items. The only reason I leave neutral is becuase I specified in my payment section for the group order that I would only take echeck paypal payments until a certain date and asked for those using echeck to let me know when they sent me their order, but when I sent the invoices out the day before I wanted to make the order noirapple's was an echeck payment. It was an instance that I had the extra money on hand so I went ahead and made the order anyways while waiting 2 extra days for the echeck to actually land in my account. Overall good transaction.
    2. I have just completed a doll trade with noirapple. She communicates well and the transaction went very smoothly. You can do business with her with full confidence. Thanks!