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Feedback for NoirOnigiri

Jul 18, 2011

    1. Heya! Please be sure to leave feedback if you've bought something from me or sold something to me! Thanks! :D
    2. I did a trade with NoirOnigiri and she was a pleasure to work with! I traded a few clothing items for several fabric pieces she had available. I got great descriptions on each item she was trading and received my package a day after she got mine! Fast shipping yay! She was also super sweet and communicated well through our transaction. I would definitely work with her again or recommend her to any seller.

      Thanks for the trade! <3
    3. I sold my DOD Too to NoirOnigiri. She responded quickly and did all the payments. Good buyer!

      Thanks for buying!
    4. Noir bought a wig & knit dress from me.
      great communication & friendly! :fangirl:
    5. Huge positive ! NoirOnigiri bought OOAK clothes for her girl from me and whole transaction was great - friendly and quick. Noir was really patient and nice, contact was great as well. Thank you !
    6. Participated in NoirOnigiri's Fairyland GO. It was well organized and communication was great. She's a wonderful GO leader.
    7. I participated in NoirOnigiri's Fairyland GO as well. It was organized well, and went quite smoothly. Good communication, prompt shipping, and an overall worry-free experience! A great GO leader, and I hope to do business with her again!
    8. Noironigirl bought some sandals from me and was great to deal with - would definitely work with her again!
    9. NoirOnigiri bought a brown bunny from me, and it was a pleasant transaction with great communication and prompt payment. I'd definitely do business again. Thank you so much! :D
    10. I Sold a Dreamingdoll Airi to NoirOnigiri.
      The communication was great, she paid promptly and the transaction went just perfect.
      She is such a sweet person and i would love to do business with her again! I hope you'll like Airi ^^!
    11. Hello, NoirOnigiri bought a pair of SoulDoll eyes from me, the transaction went very well, she paid very fast and was kind and easy to communicate.
      Totally recommend any transaction with Noir. Thank you :)
    12. NoirOnigiri bought a couple doll practice heads from me. I was so busy that month I wasn't able to send out the package right away; but she was awesome and very patient. She paid promptly and was very communicative about everything. Thank you !
    13. I sold NoirOnigiri bought a few props - the transaction was flawless, with prompt payment and good communication. Big + from me!
    14. She purchased a pair of leggings from me. Communication was super fast and very friendly. She paid right away and let me know when the item arrived. Would do business with her anytime. A+++ Thank you!!!
    15. I bought a Crobidoll Nia from NoirOnigiri and suffice to say, was pleased with my purchase. She was very kind to let me use a payment plan and to give me leeway when personal issues arose, preventing me from paying until later. The doll arrived in his original box with the certificate, head plaque, and unyellowed as far as I can tell (he's definitely paler than my friend's Crobidolls, who are younger but are kept out in the room more). He came with plenty of clothes, a pair of eyes, a wig, and shoes (which was so important and wonderful, shoes are the worst thing to not have for a dolly). She insured him without my having to ask (and I was honestly surprised to find out she had insured him), and was quick to help sort out a minor shipping issue that came about due to improper packaging. His faceup is still completely intact and flawless.

      My only complaints would be that the communication was a bit slow, but I understand that most people are busier than I am (since I'm not in school atm), and there were nicks in the resin on both of his hands (nothing noticeable in pictures as far as I know and easy to boil out, but it would have been nice to know about them beforehand), and there's some brown staining + moderate resin wear in the ankle joints where the S-hook is. Nothing a good, careful bath can't fix.

      All in all, I'm very happy with this doll, even though he wasn't what she pictured for herself, he was taken care of and now he is a happy member of my doll family~ I would definitely buy from this girl again. Thank you!
    16. NoirOnigiri purchased a wig from me. She paid promptly, was very friendly to communicate with & told me when it had arrived.
      I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. ~Thank you!!! :)