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Feedback for Nolavon

Apr 6, 2007

    1. I didn't find your feedback thread, so here you go!

      I participated in a Dollmore group order organized by Nolavon. I had various questions about shipping and other details about the order, but Nolavon kept me notified and kindly answered my questions. (I was a bit of an annoyance you can say :D )

      The outfit I ordered arrived in excellent condition, and I would definitely love to participate again! ;)
    2. thanks. I didnt have a feedback thread before so I suppose there is a beginning to everything XD
    3. I split a Bambicrony order with "nolavon" and it was a perfect transaction. Great communicator and sent a little gift along with the doll. Thanks again..
    4. I have just received my item from a group order from luts nolavon sponsored. She was great she promptly shipped my items to me from her when I sent the money and even provided a gift. The biggest problems and time delays came from luts themselves and she continuously kept us updated on the progress of the order and even provided the EMS shipping codes to know when she received it. I would be quite happy to participate in any future group orders with her.
    5. bought a pair of senior delf hands from nolavon. she is easy to get a hold of, and is a lovely, pleasant person to deal with. :3 shipping was quick, and because there were delays in getting me more secure shipping options, she willingly deducted a bit of the increased shipping cost.

      overall, a great transaction, and i wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again!! ^_^
    6. I participated in a group order. When my package was lost/incorrectly delivered, she looked into the situation right away, kept great contact, and refunded me my money in full including shipping and fees. She is someone great to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
    7. participated in my dollmore group order. quick payments and very friendly to deal with ^_^
    8. Bought a few things in a Luts group order that Nolavon organized. The entire thing flowed smoothly. She was very helpful the whole time and a total sweetheart. :aheartbea
      Would certainly recommend. Thanks again. :)
    9. I had a trade with Nolavon and i trade off my type 3 body and she gave me a type 2 girl body! Everything was really smooth and she was kind enough to include back a extra pair of hands and the different cost between the 2 bodies!

      Defintely recommend her!

      Thanks for the body~~ :D
    10. nolavon joined my recent Luts group order and was very easy to work with. Payment was made quickly and transaction was very smooth. Thanks so much!
    11. Sold a Ryu head to Nolavon.
      She was friendly, replied to PMs quickly, and paid right on time.
    12. thank you <3 And I'm happy to have him.
    13. I did a eye repair mod and face-up for Nolavon. She was really great at communicating with me and very open-which is the most important thing for me. Would definitely do work for her again!
    14. Nolavon bought several pairs of eyes from me. Payment was fast, communication was great, I was informed very quickly that they'd arrived. Thank you very much for a perfect transaction. Fantastic buyer. <3
    15. Bought a wonderful little AR Jade boy for a great price. :)
      Had to wait a bit for the shipping (I did finish paying early), and didn't get the extras that were mentioned for waiting, but it's all good. He was shipped VERY well, and arrived in great shape!
      I'm loving him to pieces! Or rather, loving him back into one piece! :lol:
      He's wonderful! THANK YOU!!
    16. I bought a gorgeous Elf Lishe head. Seller made sure that the head was very well protected during shipping and even included some cute little buttons with it. I appreciate the extra effort.

      Thanks so much!
    17. I bought a Bliss head from novalon. She was very good at keeping me updated, and although the wait was a little longer then expected, she took great care in packing it all up so it got to me safely.

      Thank you! This is a mold that's been on my wishlist since it came out. I'm so happy!
    18. I participated in a Dollmore GO run by nolavon-her communication was excellent throughout. When there was a slight delay in shipping, she was very good about contacting me and even sent a couple of extra goodies :) I'd participate in another GO run by her in a heartbeat!
    19. I was in the Dollmore group order nolavon ran. She kept us all very informed and up to date on the order. There was a little problem with shipping, but she recovered that well and even gave me a free wig. I would definitely do another group order with her. :)
    20. I purchased a blank Io scar head from Novalon. Such a sweetie. Sent right away and packaging was great, he arrived perfectly. Thanks so much!!