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Feedback for NoloVineStrike

Mar 19, 2011

    1. Hi guys,

      This is my feedback thread. Please leave any feedback for transactions I have been involved with. I try my best to be a good trader.

    2. I sold a Pixiu to NoloVineStrike. She paid quickly and the transaction went very smoothly. Thanks very much!

    3. It is my very sad duty to leave FLAKEY feedback ​for nolovinestrike, they were in my elegance swap and when asked if they received their gift they responded that they did so I know they received their gift. The swap had a three month sewing time so they had plenty of time to sew but the shipping date came and went with no word from nolovinestrike, I sent several messages asking after the whereabouts of their gift and never received a response, finally just to be nice and give nolovinestrike a chance I waited three months before leaving this flakey feedback just to give nolovinestrike a chance to ship their gift out but it never happened. (The shipping due date was back in November and I'm leaving this flakey feedback on the first of February)