Feedback for Noms

May 19, 2019

    1. Please leave feedback here! Thank you :)
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    2. Nomanono bought 2 yuri heads from me.
      She was polite and very friendly. She confirmed and paid really quickly as well.
      Definitely a recommended buyer!
      Thank you!
    3. :DPositive feedback:D
      Nomanono bought a FairyLand Lucywen centaur body and wings parts from me and it was a fantastic experience dealing with them.
      Super friendly, excellent communication, paid promptly, let me know the parts arrived safely.
      Would do business again with them any time!:3nodding: Thank you, dear!:aheartbea
    4. Nomanono purchased my Dollzone Coral, Dollzone Eudora, and Dollchateau Lillian pet and made a quick prompt payment! The communication was good too! They also let me know the dolls arrived safely! I highly recommend them! Would do business with them again!

      Thank you again ^-^
    5. Nomanono purchased a DollFamily-A Luca from me. Very pleasant from start to finish and prompt in replies and payment. They let me know the doll arrived safe and sound without issues. Zero issues with this buyer, would recommend them easily.

      Thank you, and enjoy your new doll~!
    6. Nomanono bought a dollzone-Lumu from me, the whole transaction was super smooth and Nomanono was very easy to communicate with :3nodding: great experience thank you!
    7. @nomanono bought a DS mask from me. They were polite in their messages, quick to pay and kindly let me know when the mask had arrived. Thank you for a quick and pleasant transaction! :thumbup
    8. @nomanono purchsed a Resinsoul Miao from me, and the transaction was excellent. Great communication with fast payment. I would definitely do business with them again!
    9. @nomanono purchased an Impldoll Belinda from me, and was lovely to work with. Would gladly sell to them again :)