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Feedback for Nonia~

Sep 15, 2009

    1. I didn't see a feedback thread for Nonia so I decided to take the initiative to start one for her. If you have entered into a transaction with Nonia, please record your feedback of the transaction here.

      :pcake Thankies! :pcake

      Nonia was a participant in my late July Nine9 Style group order run and everything went through wonderfully. Communication was on point and payments were sent in promptly. The transaction was smooth and she was a pleasure to deal with~

      :bcake Thank you for participating in one of my group orders!
      I hope that your experience was a pleasant one! :bcake
    2. Nonia ordered two fur wigs from me and was a great person to do business with. She was quick and friendly with communication and payment, and lovely throughout. Thanks so much for a great transaction!