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feedback for nonniemous

Mar 31, 2011

    1. What folks might want to be sayin' about nonnie in this matter. Thanks!
    2. Nonniemous is SUPER AWESOME. She bought a OOAK dress I was selling - payment was fast and communication excellent!

      I highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks so much for a wonderful transaction Nonniemous!

    3. i sold 2 dolls to nonniemous, and it was a perfect transaction. she was prompt with both communication and payment. all around a pleasure to deal with....... i would sell again!
    4. I sold a pair of Leeke fox ears to nonniemous, communication was great, payment was fast, everything went as well as possible. Would work with her again!
    5. Nonniemous purchased a Zheng head from me and the transaction went super smoothly. After some friendly haggling, we settled on a price and nonniemous made the payment immediately. Communication was easy and nonniemous responded quickly. She even notified me when the package arrived :)
      I would gladly deal with nonniemous again.
    6. Did a swap with nonniemous - her B&G girl body for my JID Tania. It was PERFECT! I could not have asked for a better, more pleasant transaction. Communication was spot on, very friendly. My girl was packed beautifully and labeled meticulously... and even shipped a day early! I would love to do business with nonniemous again! <3

      I bought a Raurencio Studio bust from nonniemous and she was wonderful every step of the way! She answered all my questions and showed me different photos of the bust. She shipped it very quickly and I received it very well packed :D

      I would definitely recommend her and purchase from her again should she sell anything else I'd like!
    8. Nonniemous bought dress from me. The communication was great, payment fast. Would work with her again. Thank you :)
    9. I sold my Pukipuki Ruby to nonniemous. The transaction went smoothly, and nonnie is a darling. Thank you!
    10. Nonniemous commissioned me to paint her Doll Chateau Faust. She was a lovely customer to work with, provided plenty of details of what she wanted and paid quickly! A great client who I would love to work for again.