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FEEDBACK for NonoNanoon

Jan 18, 2008

    1. I had sworn I had done this before, oh well? Well I have been on DOA for a long time, I have bought all but one of my six dolls on this forum and I have sold a fair number of things as well. I have friends that are willing to vouch for me on DOA, if you need more references.
    2. Nononanoon purchased a pair of eyes from me. She was prompt with communication and payment. I would definitely sell to her again.

      Thank you very much!
    3. I just completed a transaction with NonoNanoon and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Payment was super-speedy and communications were prompt and friendly. All transactions should go this pleasantly! I'd absolutely deal with her again!
    4. NoNoNanoon bought a wig and a pair of eyes from me and the transaction went great!
    5. NoNoNanoon bought a pair of eyes from me.
      She sent payment very fast and communication
      was great. I would do business again with her anytime!
      Shes a wonderful buyer! :)
    6. I bought a pair of knee high sneakers from NoNoNanoon,
      Communication went good. Transaction went good. And the boots came in good condition and just as the pictures provided. So, it was all good. 8D
    7. she got a thor head from me... great to deal with...
    8. Bought a wig from NonoNanoon. Everything went as smoothly as it possibly could.
    9. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles/glasses and pearl headband to NoNoNanoon. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    10. NonoNanoon bought some wigs and glass eyes from me. Extremely easy and smooth transaction.
      Very pleased to deal with her<3 Thank you again!
    11. sold some clothes to NonoNanoon everything went well and she lets me know when it arrives thxs NonoNanoon
    12. NoNoNanoon bought some clothes articles from me and the buyer was absolutely pleasant to deal with! :) The replies were prompt, the payment fast and the transaction very smooth. I would not hesitate to deal with this buyer again.

      Thank you so much!
    13. I sold NoNoNanoon an SD body. They paid quickly and the transaction went smoothly. Thank you!
    14. NoNoNanoon bought some pairs of glass ayes from my selling thread.
      All went smooth and perfect!
      Hope to deal with NoNoNanoon again soon! ^^
    15. NonoNanoon bought an F-28 doll from me. The transaction was perfect from beginning to end. She is very thorough with payment and communication. Would do business with her again, any time. Thank you so much for giving my boy a loving home!!! :fangirl::fangirl::fangirl:
    16. NonoNanoon bought a Soom Rosette Delilah head from me! Friendly and very fast to reply to messages!
      Thanks again for a smooth international transaction! :thumbup
    17. I'm afraid I have to leave "flake" feedback. NoNoNanoon agreed to buy two SD dresses but cancelled the sale after a two-week period.
    18. I was excited about two dresses from the below. My life circumstances (due to my Mother) changed and I let her know immediately. They were not custom dresses and thus I truly hope she can relist them without issue (I don't believe the listing went down anyway). Having been on this forum since 2005, I'm saddened by this feedback, but I guess even if we strive perfection, we are human.

    19. Purchased some boots from me without any issue whatsoever. Excellent transaction. :)
    20. purchased 2 set of doll clothes from me, great buyer and fast payment.