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~* feedback for norahyah *~

Feb 19, 2011

    1. * Leave the feedback for any transactions with norahyah here. :aheartbea
    2. Norahyah bought a C-line Soo face-plate from me, and the transaction was nothing but pleasant.

      Communication was great and payment prompt.

      I would highly recommend norahyah as a buyer.

      Thank you : )
    3. norahyah purchased a minifee head from me. Very friendly communication, prompt payment and when the head arrived she let me know it got there safely.

      Thanks for a nice and smooth transaction!
    4. norahyah purchased a Minifee Chloe full set from me and everything went wonderfully :) Thanks so much!
    5. norahya bought a Fairyland Chloe sleeping head from me and we had a really smooth transaction with great communication, it could not be better!. I can fully recommend her as a reliable and very very friendly buyer. Thank you so much, dear! *big hug*
    6. norahyah purchased a pair of Enchanted Doll urethane eyes from me. She paid promptly and communication was excellent, thank you!! :)
    7. norahyah bought my MNF Juri'08 head. Commnication and payment went really well, I would recoment her as a buyer any time ^^
    8. norahyah bought a MNF Chloe Sleeping head from me. Everything was PERFECT!! The payment was super fast and she's really cute, it's a pleasure to deal with her <3

      Thanks you!!
    9. norahyah bought a pair of DF eyes from me and she paid fast and was easy to communicate with.very glad transaction!
    10. Norahyah bought a MNF Chloe head from me. The transaction went smooth, no issues at all, quick payment, friendly communication, absolutely wonderful to deal with!
      I do recommend her and would do business with her again!

      Thanks again and enjoy your new girl!
    11. Norahyah responded to my WTB Thread for a Fairyland Ruru faceplate - communication was fast and friendly and she even agreed to ship thehead directly to the face-up artist of my choice. The head is in perfect condition and she even included a wig and eyes. I can highly recommend her as a seller and would not hesitate to buy from her again. Thank you :D