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Feedback for Noriyuki~.

Mar 7, 2007

    1. Hey there guys~! This is a feedback thread for me, Noriyuki. If you've done any business with me, I'd really appreciate any good/bad comments you have here!

      Thanks lovely everyone~.:aheartbea
    2. I really hate to leave bad feedback, but I am using this as a last resort after several attempts to get in contact with Noriyuki.

      It started out very good -- she was very quick with her replies and PMs, and the transaction went as smoothly as one could hope. After the money was sent, she shipped out the doll (a Chiwoo-Elf) the following day. I was very happy and excited.

      It is upon inspecting the doll when he arrived that I began to notice some things never mentioned on her selling thread -- she never mentioned any cracks or broken pieces. I discovered there to be a chunk of resin missing from the inside of his head where it should keep the head from wobbling.

      I understand that it is possible that she was not aware of all the damage on the doll, but the broken piece inside the head in particular is something I feel I ought to have been told about before sending her money. This is not incidental damage.

      I tried to contact Noriyuki about this through PMs and inform her about the broken head, and she replied right away and very understandingly so. Yet once I asked her about compensating me for not informing me of this head-crack, she stopped her replies.

      It's been more than a week since I've heard from her.