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Feedback For Nova

Jul 19, 2007

    1. Thought I'd make a thread because I'm going to be buying some stuff and start commissions. Please leave feedback if you have sold to me or if I commissioned you. ^_^
    2. Nova did a free face-up for me and it turned out wonderfully. She's really fast and resonds quickly to pms. I'm definately looking forward to getting more face-ups by her.

      Old wig

      New wig
    3. I bought a BJD-sized gas-mask from Nova and received great communication, always
      polite responses despite my multiple questions; I'm a vegan so I asked a lot about
      the materials, shipping was fast and I'm very happy with my purchase - the mask
      is awesome! I would definitely buy from Nova again. ^-^

      - Enzyme
    4. Have a trade with Nova. Although it last for a few weeks but we have good communications and updates throughout the transaction which is very very nice. :) Highly recommanded!
    5. bought a pair of eyes from Nova!

      great seller and fast shipping :) i'd definitely deal with again

      thanks again!
    6. I've bought from Nova (check out the doll-sized gas masks, they're so interesting!), and everything went really well. GREAT communication, speedy shipping and super nice. Wonderful seller. :)
    7. I bought a SD gas mask from Nova
      - absolutely fantastic, by the way -
      and she was a great seller to buy from,
      very responsive to my queries and quick to ship.

      Thanks again, Nova!
    8. Bought a '07 Nanuri head from Nova. Paid Sunday, arrived not even a week later. Awesome communication and very nice to talk with. ^_^
    9. I brought a Luts Zuzu Delf "Lio the Duke" from Nova. Couldn't have asked for an awesomer seller! Very prompt and pleasant. :)