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Feedback for novadez

Feb 21, 2018

    1. Hello! Please leave your feedback from transaction with me here ^^

      Other than DoA, I usually do my purchases in Yahoo Japan Auction.
      Thank you very much! :)

      Ps: This thread will be place for testimonials for our start up proxy service company, niyaproxyservice[dot]com too, thanks ^____^
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      Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
    2. I bought an Adrian head from this seller, she was very sweet and sent the item very soon! Item is packed safely and carefully, recommend dealing with her <3
    3. I bought a Crobidoll R-line body from Novadez and quite honestly it was one of the best, smoothest transactions I've ever had! The seller shipped the body promptly after I paid and it arrived packaged super securely and in excellent condition, just as described. They were as kind as to even send me pictures of the packing before shipping to make sure that everything was in order, and then mailed me the receipt with my tracking as well. All in all, absolutely flawless, I would do business with them anytime!
    4. Novadez helped me purchase a Switch Soseo head through Yahoo! Japan auction and it was such an amazing experience! Communication was excellent and shipping was fast and the head was well secured.

      I used their very a very helpful service of theirs called ‘niyaproxyservice’ which allows you to purchase anything from Japan, especially from places that don’t offer international shipping.

      They have excellent customer service and are very detailed and informative with everything you need to know.

      After they received my Soseo they quickly shipped him to me and provided tracking number, the head arrived in a few days! :D

      I will definitely do business with them again!
    5. Novadez helped me order an SD doll via Volks’ Full Choice System from Tenshi no Sato in Kyoto. It was honestly the smoothest transaction I’ve ever had before!!

      She was very helpful in guiding me through the process and answered any questions and concerns I had. She also updated me throughout from when the order had been placed, doll was ready and when she had received it.

      She sent out the doll promptly after and informed me the tracking number. It arrived in a few days in impeccable condition.

      Would love to do business with them again. :hug:
    6. Hi there! I also wanna order via Volks’ Full Choice System but as I am in Europe I don't have access to the USA Volks’ Full Choice System site. You are also from EU?
    7. I placed an order for 2 FCS Sato dolls through Novadez's shopping service and Im happy with not only the dolls, but the quality of service I got. I highly recommend them as a shopping service, specially doll related shopping services <3

      :daisy They have a website with the rundown on how everything is going to take place, and are transparent with their costs which was helpful. I never placed a FCS before, and Ive tried to get a Tenshi no Sato FCS but the shopping service were not familiar with Volks so eventually I would get refunded because they were not comfortable in placing an order in Tenshi no Sato because it seemed too complicated and technical. The good thing with Novadez is that they are doll people and are familiar with Volks and BJD's, so I felt at ease not having to explain and attach pictures of each part because they are already knowledgeable about the process

      I never had any issues with communication, and was surprised when they would apologize for replying a few hours late because I thought they were speedy in their responses and always very kind. I got a spreadsheet with all the FCS choices, costs and optional parts with my details in them as well to check before submitting and giving them payment :gingerbreadman

      :goldstar They always kept in touch with me, giving me small updates like they were on their way to Tenshi no Sato, and what was available in the store if I wanted to purchase any of the exclusives while they were there. They would later send me a picture of all the forms to review the choices they made so that everything was correct, so they could fix it. I also had a question about a part being available to order, and since they were not able to confirm, they had called Volks several times and then let me know it was possible, even though it would have been easier for them to ask me to pick something that was guaranteed as available rather than a new FCS cat ear part that wasnt covered online.

      When the dolls arrived to them, I was asked if it was okay for them to check the dolls because some people preferred to experience the full box opening with surprises first hand. I let them check, and they packed the dolls more secure for them to arrive to me safely, and for them to arrive dry since it was rainy. They sent me really detailed photos of the dolls I had ordered, as well as photographs of the dolls wrapped, the shipment and the papers. I received tracking details the same day and the dolls arrived perfectly within 3 days of shipment :clover

      What surprised me the most, other than the gifts and the very kind note they added (I had requested a note for my scrapbook, and they were kind enough to accept a silly request), was that the eyes were all very nice. I let them know how happy I was with the eye choices since it was common for some eyes to have uneven pupils/bubbles etc, and I was told it was because they hand picked the best ones of the choices I requested of them:D

      :chocoberryOverall, I would rate them 5/5. They are very very kind and Im so happy to have run into their service, even though I was hesitant at first because I didnt see reviews, and the FCS dolls were both expensive and full payment required. Im happy to say that I was in good hands with Novadez, they went above what was expected and Im very happy with everything.

      Thank you very much for making my FCS dream a reality, thought I would keep wishing for them to show up on the secondhand market forever :smallcake