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Feedback for Novae

Jun 14, 2009

    1. Hi everyone! ^^

      Here is my Feedback thread!

      Feel free to post here if you have made any trades, or transactions with me!

      Thank you! :D
    2. Novae bought a hound sized clothes from me and payment was quick everything went really well :) thxs Novae
    3. Novae bought my Tender Too, paid very fast and kept an excellent communication, was very nice and friendly in PMs, and I can only say good things about the transaction ;)

      Thanks so much! <3
    4. Novae bought a MNF Woosoo vamp boy from me. Payment was very prompt, PMs were answered quickly and communication was always very kind. Wonderful seller! :aheartbea

      Thanks again!
    5. Novae bought a wig from me, and everything went very smoothly! Payment was sent quickly, and she was very friendly and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. :)
    6. Novae bought a doll bench from me. She was super patient while I waited to get shipping quotes for her, paid very quickly, and was quick with responses. Definetly recommended!
    7. Novae bought a pair of Soom Euclase bird legs from me. She was prompt and kind through the entire transaction and paid very quickly. I was very satisfied with the transaction and would be happy to work with her again.
    8. Novae bought a DZ outfit from me - she was a great buyer, quick, clear communication and fast payment. Thanks a bunch! :)
    9. NOVAE purchased some MSD pants from me recently and was wonderful to deal with! Thanks for a great transaction! :lol:
    10. Bought a doll from Novae, she came in perfect condition, was shipped right away and I was allowed to make payments on her. This person is gold! Best transaction I have had anywhere. Thank you so so much.
    11. Novae paid promptly and had good communication with me. Will be happy to sell to her again. ^_^
    12. I bought an IP sword dance I from Novae. She shipped quickly and she arrived in great condition. Very nice to deal with and talk to. :)
    13. Traded my luwen head for her chrom head. He got here pretty quickly and he's in great shape. Thanks so much for the trade. I hope you enjoy the luwen head. :)
    14. I traded my DZ WS Mo and BBB NS Song to Novae for her Euclase hawk legs and Chrom's outfit. The trade was perfect, and she was wonderful to communicate with. Would definitely transact with again!
    15. I just got my Luts LuWen Vampire head form Nova. They are good to work with and sweet. Fast shipping.
    16. I traded my Soom Glati/Extras + funds for Novae's Soom Chrom. She was lovely to deal with, and was very patient with waiting for the postal strike in Canada to finish up so we could do our trade. The trade changed somewhat but she informed me right away and we were able to work out a deal that worked better for the situation.
      Would GLADLY do business with her again in the future. I recommend her to everyone!
      My package arrived well packed and in perfect condition. She also let me know when she received the doll I sent her.
      Very pleased, thanks so much again Novae! <3
    17. Novae and I traded my MNF Shushu plus extras for her Delf Soony plus extras. There were some major lapses in communication, a major delay in shipping on Novae's part, and Soony arrived without many extras and with a chip in her lip. Overall a neutral transaction, as Novae did explain her reasons for communication and shipping lags.

      Paging Thread for this transaction.
    18. Neutral Transaction;
      borderline negative

      Novae and I traded my DZ limited edition dragon for her DZ Mo. She told me she'd get with me Thursday before we shipped. She didn't get to me until really late that night that she was about to send him (different time zones) so I asked my hubby to ship my dragon Friday (post office was already closed but I wasn't sure if the deal was still happening since she didn't get to me in time). We agreed to send each other the tracking number after we shipped. I gave mine to her after I shipped on Friday. Monday came and I still had no tracking number. I made a paging thread Finally Wednesday I got the tracking number.

      Friday I received the package. I got the box in the mail and was super surprised. It was rather small so I figured she unstrung him to send and save on shipping. I was flabbergasted. He wasn't wrapped in the pillow or the bubble wrap... and he was more or less shoved in there. I was super surprised nothing was broken.

      His eye lashes either WEREN'T intact or were damaged in the transit from being so poorly packed.

      He's rather dirty. He's got scuffs on his stomach, a chip in his neck, and a large gash in the back of his neck. All of this was not disclosed to me and if it was I may not have made the trade considering my doll was worth more.

      All photos can be seen here

      Though, I must say she did send two little stuffed animals (not pictured since they were off topic) that my daughter loves... I guess that's the only good thing out of this transaction for me.
    19. Because the photos can no longer be seen (thread was deleted for being in the wrong spot) and I can't edit my post, I will add more here.

      We agreed to ship out 7/21. She didn't send me a PM until 5:18pm (long after my post office was closed) that she was taking the doll to ship him, before then I got no communication that she was actually shipping. I didn't ship the 21st because I wasn't about to send out a doll when she didn't tell me she was actually still going through with it and shipping.

      The very next day I shipped. I sent her a PM (as she has shown) that I had shipped and would get back to her with the tracking number. Not even 20minutes later I sent another PM with the tracking number and can provide a screen shot if requested. It's not my fault she lost communication and didn't get the PM 20 minutes later.

      She lost all communication from the 22nd to the 27th. The whole time I was waiting for a tracking number and freaking out because I sent my doll and it got to her but I got nothing (can you blame me for being scared considering I was out a doll and got nothing to dispute on paypal).

      Not only did she lose communication but lied about shipping the Mo on the 21st. It wasn't until the 27th that she shipped!
      She then did not get back to me with the tracking number until almost 9hrs later, leaving me freaking out a bit more.

      As for the yellowing bit, as you'll notice, I didn't leave her bad feedback based on the yellowing. I did say the yellowing would be fine. I just didn't expect it to be as much because her photos made it seem very white yet in person it wasn't so much.

      What I DID complain about, as you can read, is the state of the doll.
      She told me he was in great condition and his eyelashes were even still in tact. Yet they were not. The doll was shoved into a box and the eyelashes were both ripped off. (http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hpho...0343409203169_649888168_9533714_3905786_n.jpg)
      His tummy was scratched (as well as some other places but were harder to photograph without my good camera) http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hpho...0343409493169_649888168_9533720_4134716_n.jpg
      His neck was chipped: http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hpho...0343409598169_649888168_9533723_6927679_n.jpg

      The doll was shoved into a box much too small for it:
      And as a result was damaged... unless he was damaged before hand and she didn't tell me about it.

      If the transaction were a normal one (ie, not a trade) I would have been less impatient. But I was afraid to begin with and she only scared me more disappearing and not sending the doll when we agreed. I would have been more understanding if it weren't for that and her lying about shipping the doll and then not doing it for almost a week. I understand things happen, but there is little excuse not to send me a heads up. There is internet access at cafes, friends' houses, family's houses, libraries, etc. And she's upset about me shipping a day later when she waited an extra week. I truthfully think she left this negative feedback because I left a neutral one.