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**Feedback for Nyalee

Jul 18, 2008

    1. If you've sold, bought, traded, or otherwise had any frorm of transaction with me, please give a brief review of it!

      Ideas for this include, but are not limited to:


      *Items/Services Exchanged:


      *General Blabber/Extra/Misc?:

      *Overall Positive/Would you do business again?:

      I really appreciate your feedback,
      Since I am so new to the forum,
      Hopefully it will allow members to decide if I am trustworthy or not!:aheartbea
    2. Nyalee bought a white MSD DZ dress set from me, and everything was perfect ^^

      Lovely buyer, replies fast to messages, paid immediately, overall very nice to deal with ;)

      Thanks so much! <3
    3. Nyalee bought a pair of shoes from me. The transaction was smooth and she was very nice (^w^)! I would do business with her again. Thank you <3 !!!
    4. Nyalee bought a Bobobie Erin from me that needed some TLC. Short layaway transactions went well and communication was great!
    5. Nyalee bought a Volks Megu from me on layaway. She paid in a good amount of time. Although there were some problems with paypal, in the end we got everything figurered out, so its OK! She pms alot so be prepared, though I didnt mind. It was very pleasant to hear from her :D Would highly recommend and would do buisness again!
    6. Bought a limited Soom Onyx light dress from Nyalee. The transaction went fine overall, the post gave us a little scare and unfortunately the tiara arrived broken even if she took care in packaging it with bubble wrap. :( I would still do business with her in the future, and I recommend her. :) Sometimes in life you can't control everything.
    7. Sold a wig to Nyalee. Overall everything was perfect. Friendly to talk to, quick at payment, couldn't ask for anything more! Thanks again! :)
    8. i sold a littlefee sleeping ante faceplate to Nyalee, excellent communication and super fast payment, the package got mis-routed and Nyalee stayed calm and patient while i tried to get information on it, thank you! i would definitely have a future transaction with Nyalee.
    9. i bought stocking form nyalee and even thought the shipping time was slow, she still got them to me :)
      so good job nyalee!
    10. Bought a pair of lovely boots from Nyalee; she was very polite and willing to work out a suitable method of shipping for me, even when it delayed shipping a little. They arrived today and are beautiful! Thank you!
    11. Nyalee bought little boots off me and everything went smoothly. Super friendly, highly recommended!
    12. Nyalee did a trade of dollheart items with me. Everythign worked out great. I'd trade wit hehr again. Sorry I nearly forgot to add this feedback to your post Nyalee. I hope its ok to be a bit late. :)
    13. ++++positive++++
      Nyalee bought the RuddyPeach Glass Eyes from me again~
      Still very nice buyer and fast payment~Highly recommend!^O^/

      I'm so pleased that you like our glass eyes~Thanks~m(_ _)m
      I hope I will trade with you again.
    14. Nyalee was a participant in my second Leekeworld group order run and everything was just spectacular! Payments were made promptly and communication was well kept up on her end. :) Definitely recommended~

      :clover Your participation in this group order was truly appreciated!! :clover
    15. Nyalee participated in my LUTS GO a few months back. Excellent communication and Fast payment! Very understanding towards everything! Thank you so much for joining~ and helped make the GO a successful one! ^_^
    16. I bought a Volks Megu from Nyalee, and the doll arrived in good time, exactly as described, well-packaged and wrapped, and even with a sweet surprise gift inside! It was a pleasure dealing with her, and I was very happy with our transaction.

      Thank you!!

      -- A <3