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Feedback for Nyco112524

Jun 9, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback if we've had transactions, thank you~!!
    2. Nyco, thank you for a great little outfit. My daughter loves the Stutmen Set for her doll that she doesn't have yet! *lol* But at least he won't be naked when he does arrive.

      For those of you looking these are well made pieces and well priced. Working with Nyco was a pleasure.
    3. I bought two custom shirts from Nyco. They came out absolutely amazing, and the communication was awesome. Thank you so much! I'll gladly do business with her again!
    4. I had Nyco112524 custom make a shirt for my boy doll; that's on his way. The shirt was amazing and would surely have business in the future again. Great business. Good communication. And fast shipping. A+++!! Thank you again!! :)
    5. I purchased a MNF custom shirt from Nyco112524 and it's very well done! Communication throughout was very friendly and patient and she let me know when she shipped the package. I wouldn't hesitate to order another shirt from her! Thank yoU!
    6. I bought a pair of MNF hands from Nyco and it couldn't have been easier! Super fast shipping and great communication - thanks again!
    7. I bought 2 custom shirts from Nyco112524 and they are just too cute. She's always friendly and I'd easily do business with her again. Thank you!!
    8. I purchased a beautiful Dollmore skirt from Nyco and it arrived so quickly!

      I would totally buy from Nyco again~
    9. i bought a pair of MSD boots from Nyco112524
      the communication was perfect and also the shipping was
      i would buy from her again!
    10. I bought a pair of eyes from Nyco112524, and I'm terrifically impressed - the communications were more than prompt, and she was able to get the package shipped for me on the same day I paid! I'd have no hesitation about buying from her again. ^_^
    11. I Commissioned Nyco112524 For Some Shorts For My MSD. They Look & Fit Great On My Guy. I Totally L♥ve Them So Much. I'm Going To Have To Get Another Pair. She Gets A+++++++++++++ From Me. Thank You So Much.
    12. I recently purchased a withdoll body from Nyco. Communications were great and really prompt. The body was packed well and shipped prompty, and I have no complaints whatsoever. I would not hesitate to do business with Nyco again!
    13. I commissioned Nyco for two pairs of MSD shorts~ I absolutely love them! The craftsmanship is great, and they fit perfectly on my boy. Nyco was also very communicative through the whole process and let me know of any delays. It was a great transaction, I'm very pleased that I was able to purchase these while she was open :>.

      Aspen in his new shorts!
    14. Positive feedback for Nyco112524. I purchased a head from Nyco and he looks even better in person than he did in the sales thread. Shipping was a little slower due to the holidays, but not unreasonable, and communication was good. I would do business with her again.
    15. i bought an angelheim ciel head from Nyco, and he's adorable and arrived in perfect condition. we had a little snafu with communication but i understand that there were extenuating circumstances, so everything is fine. nyco was very polite and good to talk to.
    16. I bought a Fairyland Minifee Seorin head from Nyco and all was perfect! She was very nice and packed the head well so that it got here just fine! :) He's face up is wounderful and he is even prettyer then in the pictures she was so kind to send me! I would buy again from her anytime!
    17. Bought a DZ MSD boy body from Nyco. Made transaction in person, very good communication. definitely would do business with her in the future!
    18. I purchased a Dollzone Fei-2 from Nyco112524 a little while ago.

      He arrived safe and sound, I was surprised to find that he had a few painted on tattoos and a purple mani/pedi. Both were hard to remove, left a little stain and were not mentioned on the sale thread.

      I'm more happy with our transaction then not, but it would have been nice to know about the body painting before hand. c:
    19. I purchased a Luts Kid Delf Boy body from Nyco112524. The communication was good and she explained the slight delay in shipping. The body arrived safely, very well wrapped and she provided elastics, since he arrived unstrung. A pleasant seller to deal with. Thank you!
    20. I purchased a withdoll Head from Nyco112525. Everything went smooth untill I was finished with paypal. I fell out of contact and I felt I had been tricked. I set up a paging thread a couple weeks later and it turned out she had not been on since my transaction. I also put up a claim on paypal. Soon after I got in contact on Deviantart and it turns out she was unable to get on the internet since. Which makes sense since she hadn't logged on since then. I got the head immediately after so I'd say I'm happy with the transaction! My paging thread is here: