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Feedback for Nymphetish

Jul 15, 2006

    1. Alll feedback for Nymphetish goes here. Thank you.
    2. Wonderful to work with! :D Thank you!
    3. Nymphetish was a wonderful buyer for me ^_^ She paid very quickly. Thanks for a perfect transaction!
    4. It was my pleasure to work with Nymphetish...she was kind, understanding, and sweet as can be ^-^ I'm so glad I was able to work with her ^.^
    5. Nymphetish have bought a kelly pink dress + pink shoes from me, is a prompt payer and excellent in communication^^
    6. Nymphetish just bought some clothing from me an everything went great! I highle recommend her!
    7. Was in a group order I ran! Paid promptly and was wonderful to work with! Would definately do business w/ Nymphetish again!
    8. Nymphetish sold me a Kon'd wig and the transaction was very smooth and pleasant. She shipped super fast and the wig is awesome. Good seller!
    9. She bought a shirt from me and was lovely to deal with and paid promptly. Very smooth and easy transaction.

      Thanks so much!
    10. i had a great transaction with Nymphetish as a buyer. she paid quickly and communicates well
    11. sorry double post
    12. I just recieved my leekeworld wig from a group order w/Nymphetish. Very smooth transaction. I would have no qualms about purchasing from or with her again.
    13. I was onboard the Leekeworld group order with Nymphetish and everything went swimmingly. I highly recommend her-- she handled everything smoothly!
    14. I just received my wig from the Leekeworld group order with Nymphetish this morning. It arrived in perfect condition, and was shipped very quickly after she received the order! She was also great at keeping us updated on the status of our order. Thanks so much! :D
    15. Nymphetish ran a Leeke group order and was great to deal with. She kept us updated on what was going on, and shipped everything out really quickly!

      Thanks so much, Nymphetish!
    16. I just recieved my shoes a couple days ago from the recent Leekeworld group order that Nymphetish ran. She was great to work with, kept us constantly updated, and shipped quickly. I would definitely work with her again. Thanks so much!
    17. I was part of a LeekeWorld Group Order with Nymphetish who ran it, and she was definitely a pleasure to do business with. Everything went clock-work smooth, and she replied to PMs quickly.

      Thank you!
    18. Yes, I got my wig form the same Leeke order, and she was great to deal with!!
    19. I was also in the Leeke group order - it was very well run and she was a joy to deal with. Excellent communication about the order, I would love to participate in another! ~:aheartbea
    20. Nymphetish organized a Leekeworld group order and my wig came here fantastically. She was very organized and kept in contact about the order til the end. I would totally do business or another group order with here in the future. ^^