Feedback for Nymphwonders

Jan 20, 2018

    1. Hi! if you have done any transactions/trade with me, please leave me a feedback here! Deeply appreciated!

      My instagram: @_nymphwonders

      Other selling platform (not 100% doll related and only local) : _hana____
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    2. I purchased a Volks Midori and I was so happy with the transaction! I found her through Facebook and it all went very quickly. She even arrived sooner than expected thanks to the awesome shipping! Would 100% purchase from again!
    3. I purchased a Kids Sky Moonstone hybrid from Nymphwonders and it was absolutely amazing deal! She replied very fast and frinedly, the doll was shipped immediately. I could just reccomend this seller ♥
    4. I purchased a Doll Zone body from Mynvea. Transaction was amazing! Great communication, Super friendly and explained to me how the shipping service showed its tracking. Would Love Love Love to buy from or sell to in the future. Doll was wrapped perfectly and in great condition as described! Thank you so much <3
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    5. I purchased a doll event head from Nymphwonders and the transaction was absolutely wonderful! She agreed to a split on the items she'd listed and shipped very quickly. The packaging was absolutely impeccable, I have no doubt the head could have survived anything on the trip, which is more important than ever due to the world postal situation right now.

      Thank you so much for the perfect transaction! :D