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feedback for octobercrow

Aug 18, 2009

    1. please leave any feedback for me here.
    2. Octobercrow participated in a Soom Amber spit with me for her head. Perfect from start to finish and very friendly during the long Soom wait lol. Thanks again! I'd not hesitate to do business with her in the future! :)
    3. Octobercrow joined my Leeke GO^_^ She is very friendly all the time, our communication was good. Overall it was a perfect transaction XD
    4. OctoberCrow was in a Soom Amber split with me for the hooves and the body. She kept me up to date with when payment was coming and was a great person to work with. I'd definitely recommend her! :)
    5. I purchased a doll head from Octobercrow. Communication and transaction went very smoothly. Updates and shipping were both very prompt. The doll arrived in great condition. It was very pleasant to work with Octobercrow! Highly recommend!
    6. Octobercrow participated in the LUTS GO I ran in this April. Great communication and fast payments. She is a very lovely and friendly participant in the GO! I'd love to work with her again^^ Thank you for joining my LUTS GO:chocoberry
    7. Late bit of feedback. Apparently my first attempt failed, lol.
      I purchased a doll from Octobercrow a while back.

      She was very friendly from the beginning, and patient, but communication and transaction didn't go very smoothly.

      This was mostly because she was new to using paypal, and had to set up an account after I won the doll with the auction, which I didn't know. I thought she already had an account. I think it said in her thread she accepted paypal. But I am not sure about it anymore.
      It caused some trouble because she didn't know how to set it up at first. It took a lot of time to get to transfer the money, and suddenly her computer didn't work and she had to go to the library to read pms'. It was a bit of a hassle.

      In the end the doll got shipped out. I had asked if the ears and head could be wrapped extra well - even left some instructions on how to do it *^^* , because it was a Soom Amber head. But when it arrived there were some loose bits of bubble plastic in the box - no tape, and the headcap had come off and had been rolling through the box. There wasn't any head protection on the head, so I was a bit scared when I saw that. But I was very relieved to see that the head wasn't broken or damaged despite the loose headcap. So no harm done. (But please next time if someone asks, try to wrap it better *^^*, because accidents can easily happen with these kind of fragile heads).

      Even so, the other parts and the body were all wrapped very well! and I was happy that she finally arrived. It took us a month to get this transaction done. We started around the 15th of january, and she send it out around the 11th of February, lol.

      I think it was just a combination of circumstances. And I think it was the first time you send something to Europe as well?

      So I will still leave a positive feedback.
      (And I am still happy with the doll as well, thanks very much).
    8. octobercrow commissioned me to work on her Saint and Heliot and everything was so perfect! She was patient, kind and paid promptly, letting me know exactly what she wanted and when they got home safe <3
      I would gladly work with octobercrow again, anytime!
    9. Octobercrow adopted my Soom Aenigma in an ideal transaction. She was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Lovely to work with!

      I sold a MNF Rheia head to Octobercrow. She is a total sweetheart, and paid promptly. She let me know when the head arrived - so very good communication. Overall a fantastic transaction! Recommended buyer!! A++
    11. I sold a wig to octobercrow, and everything went beautifully. Payment was super fast, communication was prompt and friendly, and she let me know as soon as the wig arrived. Thanks for a perfect transaction! A++