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Feedback for OddEthics~

Aug 15, 2007

    1. So here's my feedback page for people who have bought or sold to me. ^^

      Thank you!
    2. OddEthics was the most greatest person to trade with!

      I traded my SS Lishe head for a Nanuri. ^__^

      The trade went smoothly and she was very talkative. :D

      Thank You So Much For Mr. Nanu!

      ~'Kitty' :kitty2
    3. A wonderful person to work with ^ ^. Oddethics keeps in touch, and is absolutely sweet- I'm sure I couldn'tve found a better home for my Chiwoo <3. Thank you so much!
    4. Sold a pair of SD shorts to OddEthics and I was paid promptly. Thanks alot :)!
    5. OddEthics bought a shirt from me. Great transcation, good communication and fast payment. Thank you!
    6. OddEthics purchased her dream doll, a MNF ShuShu (Special) from me on Layaway, in a split payment agreement with SugarCoatedStars. She paid the deposit of 30% promptly by paypal, and the rest of the payment was made between the two over the next few weeks. Wonderful communication. A great buyer. :) :aheartbea ShuShu was adopted by a great owner!
    7. OddEthics participated in my DIM headphones group order. She kept perfect communication through PMs during the order and quickly paid me for her order. Smooth transaction, great buyer -- thank you very much!
    8. OddEthics joined the DoA Secret Santa '07 Gift Exchange. Shipped gift out before deadline. :aheartbea No problems!
    9. OddEthics bought a body from me. Excellent communication, payment was quick. Would def. sell to again!!!
    10. Sold cloth to OddEthics, great communication and fast payment. ^^ Thank you so much!! :D
    11. i sold a musedoll cardigan to OddEthics and she paid promptly and was very patient with me ! :) One super smooth transaction !

      Would do business with again ! :aheartbea
    12. Sold a dress to OddEthics. Communication was top notch, she was very friendly and payment was prompt.
    13. I purchased a Shiwoo from OddEthics at an ultra great price. He is just beautiful and arrived to me so well packaged, and QUICK!!!! I would buy from her again ANY day!!!!
    14. Sold a necklace to OddEthics some time ago -- she was wonderful to deal with :aheartbea
    15. OddEthics bought an El from me. She was wonderful to deal with; great communication and prompt payment. I would definitely do business with her again! :)
    16. OddEthics bought a fur wig from me. She was quick with payment and communication and lovely throughout! I'd do business with her again, anytime!
    17. Sold a MD Miho to OddEthics, she was very fast about payment and communication was great. Would definitely do business with again, thanks!
    18. Sold a Jpop wig to OddEthics. She paid quickly, and was very friendly in her communications. I enjoyed selling to her, she is all around, an awesome buyer. Highly recommended for a dependable transaction!!
    19. OddEthics bought a MNF Breakaway head from me, and was an absolutely pleasure to deal with. Great communication, paid quickly, and let me know as soon as he arrived. Would gladly do business with again, thanks so much! :)
    20. OddEthics sold me MD Miho.
      Everything was quick and gentle. Thank you very much.