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Feedback for OlesyaGavr

Nov 10, 2010

    1. Sold a Shonki OE head to OlesyaGavr.
      The whole transaction went really well. The communications was really perfect and she is a really lovely person.
      She alwpaid fast and let me know when the head arrived.
      really a great transaction. I'd can definitely recommend her!

      Thank you again.
    2. Sold a dreaming Appini head to OlesyaGavr~ Communication was excellent, she is a nice person to deal with and very patient with slow postal service~ Definitely a good buyer~ :)
    3. I sold my Soom Afi to her and everything was wonderful. She was very nice and let me know as soon as she got him.
      Thank you again for a great transaction.
    4. OlesyaGavr bought a head from me. Communication was good and payment was timely. :)
      She took the time to inform me that the head had arrived.
      I would certainly recommend her as a buyer!
    5. I sold a Volks Tsubaki to OlesyaGavr. She was wonderful to deal with and I would definitely do business with her again.

    6. OlesyaGavr bought a SD blouse from me.
      She's an excellent buyer for good communication, fast payment making, and prompt information giving.
      Highly recommended, and thanks a ton~ :3
    7. OlesyaGravr bought a Blue Fairy outfit for me. She is really friendly with great communication, paid promptly and was easy to deal with.
      Thank you so much!
    8. OlesyaGavr bought some DH items from me. It was a wonderful transaction. Friendly, excellent communication, paid promptly and easy to deal with. Highly recommanded. ^^
      Thank you so much! :)
    9. Sold some items to OlesyaGavr.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks sooooo much! ^0^
    10. I sold Olesya a bambicrony grey skin pepe. Communication was always fast and pleasant and payments were always prompt and without delay. Thank you so much for a wonderful and immaculate transaction. I hope to do business with you again in the future.
    11. Olesya purchased some clothing from me- her communication was always friendly & swift, & her payment fast. She let me know as soon as the items arrived- an excellent transaction, thank you so much! It would be a joy to trade with Olesya again :D
    12. OlesyaGavr bought a dress from me
      Smooth transaction with fast pm and payment
      Highly recommend!
      Thank you very much again!!!
    13. I sold a SD13 shirt to OlesyaGavr and it had been such a pleasant transaction. Communication was excellent and she paid promptly! She was thoroughly patient as the shirt took a while to reach to her but she informed me when she finally received it! She's a great buyer and I highly recommend her!
    14. I sold a DH dress fer to OlesyaGavr. Such a wonderful person to deal with. Overall great communication. She even let me know her package arrived safely. Highly recommended. :)
    15. OlesyaGavr bought some items from me and the buyer was excellent to deal with. Payment was prompt and all and I was even informed of its arrival. Thanks so much!
    16. OlesyaGavr bought a Volks Kurt head and eyes from me. She paid layaway on time. Great communications!
      Wonderful to do business with.
    17. OlesyaGavr purchased a Cadenza outfit from me. Pleasant communication and prompt payment, perfect buyer!
    18. Sold an outfit to Olesya. She paid quickly and kept in touch until her item arrived. Thank you so much for a great transaction!
    19. Sold a SD16 corset to Olesyagavr and the transaction was perfect! Would definitely do business with again. Thanks!
    20. Sold a souldoll outfit to OlesyaGavr and the transaction was perfect! Shipment took a bit longer than scheduled but she was patient and friendly. Thank you!