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Feedback for Olgaandwieser

Feb 10, 2010

    1. Hi! Darlene in FL here - just starting to have a few transactions so wanted to get a feedback thread started.

      Until there are posts, you can always check my eBay account:
    2. I purchased an EID Iplehouse Luo from Olgaandwieser. It was a fantastic transaction, she kept me updated and shipped him fast and the best part.....he is so gorgeous and perfect! I would highly recommend her and would love to deal with her again!
    3. Olgaandwieser bought some faun legs from me, she's a GREAT buyer, paid quickly and very nice to chat with, thanks so much!
    4. Olgaandwieser bought a Morena Baccarin Minimee head from me. She paid quickly, was very friendly in PMs and let me know with a PM and feedback as soon as she arrived safely. She's easy to recommend, thanks Olgaandwieser! :)
    5. I sold an Elfdoll Hana to Olgaandwieser, and she was an extremely pleasant buyer. She paid right away and left feedback as soon as she received the doll :)
      I would not hesitate to do business with her again.
    6. Olgaandwieser commissioned a faceup from me for her Planetdoll Mini Elf Renee. Everything went wonderfully! Great communication, she provided examples of what she was looking for, and was patient with my weather issues slowing down the commission process just a bit. I'd be happy to do faceups for her anytime! Thanks!
    7. Olgaandwieser bought a Realpuki Tyni sleeping face plate from me.
      She paid quickly and it was a very friendly in contakt with her. :)
      Thank you!
    8. Participated in my Nathan Fillion Minimee Group order. Great communication, paid on time. I'd definitely do business with her again.