Feedback For Oliver

Jul 24, 2017

    1. Please leave your feedback here i will dearly apreciate it.
      I use He/Him pronounce.
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    2. Sold a Mirodoll body and shortly after a BBB x RS full doll to Oliver
      Communication went verry well, we made clear Layaway agreements and she immidiatly notified me when she could pay earlier (wich she could in both cases).
      With both she let me know when they arrived safely.
      She definitly is a great buyer to deal with! ^.^
    3. Oliver bought a Lux/Volo head Soom in light violet skin.
      Good communucation, very kind and serious!
      Thank you for that transaction. Great buyer :)
    4. Oliver was a wonderful and patient buyer. Communication and payment was quick. Thank you so much!
    5. Oliver purchased a pair of FairyLand Faun legs from me. Payment was made quickly and they updated me when the item arrived. It was a pleasure and i hope you enjoy your purchase :)
    6. Oliver purchased a Doll Family H Qing Lang (MSD) from me and was the perfect buyer! Payment was quick, communication was wonderful, and he let me know as soon as the doll was delivered. I highly recommend him as a buyer!
    7. @Oliver bought an Aimerai head from me. They were polite in their messages, quick to pay and kindly let me know when the head had arrived safely. Thank you for a quick and pleasant transaction! :thumbup