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Feedback for Omichao -97% Possitive (27)-

Jun 2, 2006

    1. Just thought I'd start up one of these for if I ever get around to opening shop again. If you've had any sort of transaction with me, please let others know about it here. I hope to see nothing but good things! ^_^

      To make it easy for everyone, here's the detailed count so far:

      -Feedback: 97% Possitive (27)-

      Possitive: 26
      -Buyer: 5
      -Seller: 21

      Negative: 0

      Neutral: 1
      -Buyer: 0
      -Seller: 1

      If I haven't also left feedback for you, please let me know and I'll be happy to do so ^_^
    2. :D I bought my Kawainino Ando from Omichao! Wonderful trasaction and fast shipment!!!
    3. Wonderful buyer! Kept to payment schedule with great communication. Thank you again :daisy
    4. Omichao commissioned a shirt from me~ A really great buyer! ^___^
    5. I bought an Elf Yder head from omichao and I just love it! Omichao's an excellent seller! :D
    6. Was in a group order run by Omichao, good communication and perfect customer service!
    7. Omichao modded the coolest set of clawed hands I've ever seen for my Sesshoumaru! :daisy I recommend Omi for good service and awesome work.
    8. bought a dolly carrier and it arrived super fast and in excellent condition!!<3
    9. Omichao was great! I sold my DK Hara to Omichao, absolutely wonderful to work with!
    10. Really good group order organizer. :)
    11. Omichao handled the Dream of Doll group order wonderfully, especially since I was having difficulty by being in Japan at the time of payment. A very responsible person and excellent at communication.
    12. Was a member of her DoD Group Order and Omichao had great communication. I received the wig promptly and in great condition.
    13. Bought Dolkot Hara from Omichao. He's a great communicator and easy to deal with. Shipping was handled quickly, payment terms were easy. Great transaction.
    14. Omichao bought an SD10 body from me. Communication was great. I agreed to hold the body till September 1 and payment was made earlier than expected which is always a plus. I underquoted the shipping in error and Omichao graciously paid the difference. A+ buyer. A pleasure to do business with.
    15. i bought a wig from her, and i have to say...... she is SUPER to deal with. i wish all of the sellers i've dealt with were as nice as her. she will do anything she can to make sure your item and comfort are her top priority. ^__^
    16. omichao bought a pair of Normal skin CP boy hands from me. Really fast and easy payment and a very nice person to deal with. ^__^
    17. I ordered my SD 10 from her and received it within a few days of my final payment! She's super friendly and very easy to do business with! She's good as gold!! ^.^
    18. Super quick payment, very understanding. :) Please let me know when the wig arrives. *sigh* Hopefully it has, or it will in the next day or two.
    19. Whoo, this is very, very late, and I apologize :(

      Omichao sanded the demon-seams off of my Hound! Very quick turn-around time, and a very excellent job! Jae is so nice and smooth now ;)