Feedback for Ondinaluna

Oct 6, 2020

    1. Hello ^_^ Feedbacks for transactions will be very welcome :)
    2. Ondinaluna bought a Pygmalion's head from me. She was fantastic to work with and excellent on communication. Fast in payment. Great buyer and would do business with her again. Thanks :kitty1
    3. I purchased an Elfdoll Soah head from Ondinaluna, she was wonderfully kind throughout the whole transaction and packaged the doll incredibly well! The doll arrived safely and is beautiful, I highly recommend her as a seller. Thank you!
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    4. I purchased an Elfdoll K head from ondiluna and it was a great transaction, she graciously accommodated my requests for information and sent my doll perfectly packed, would recommend anyone to do business with her ^^
    5. I bought a Spiritdoll Thorn head from ondiluna who was great to deal with very friendly and answered my questions about shipping and sorted that out for me. The head arrived super fast in only a few days and was very well packed, I would definitely recommend her thank you :)
    6. I bought an elfdoll body from Ondiluna and it was a perfect transaction, the body was as described, and even the box was in perfect conditions despite being an old doll. She replied all my messages very fast and shipped the doll in the same day. It was a pleasure to do business with her.
      Thank you so much!