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Feedback for Onee_chan_taichou

Sep 27, 2008

    1. This is a place to leave feedback on things ive bought or sold :)
    2. I had a great transaction with onee-chan-taichou! She paid right away, and let me know when the eyes arrived. Wonderful to work with.
    3. Amazing transaction so far with Onee-chan-taichou! She payed as soon as I let her know my paypal and has given wonderful communication the whole way! #1 buyer, for sure! :D
    4. Onee_chan_taichou is an excellent buyer.
      She bought a pair of eyes from me and the transaction went great:thumbup
      She covered the paypal fees without being asked to (very much appreciated)
      and had great communication.
    5. Onee_chan_taichou bought a white dress shirt from me. She was a really great buyer and paid when immediately. Great communication, would def. do business with her again ^^
    6. Onee_chan_taichou bought a wig from me. Taichou is patience, polite and an extreme good buyer! Highly recommend! Go Taichou!
    7. I've sold my DOT Delphine to Onee_chan_taichou and all was perfect !!! Nice communication, fast payment and serious buyer !! I recommend her to all members ! Thank you very much :-)
    8. onee-chan-taichou Comissioned me to face-up and pierce her two dolls and she was AWESOME to work with. Letting me know EVERY detail and even sent me pictures to go by!
      I hope to do business with her again as it was sooo pleasent!
    9. I bought eyes from onee_chan_taichou ^^ polite and easy to deal with,thank you so much!!
    10. onee_chan_taichou help me to did a GO thread for the clothes of my shop and she also bought a sweater from me=)

      She is very communicative and payed instantly. Very nice person to deal with
      I`m very happy to communicate with her^_^
      Thank you very much again and I`m so happy that you and your boy like the clothes(≧ω≦)/
    11. I participated in a GO that Onee_chan_taichou organized, and everything went completely smoothly.^_^
      I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction.
      The shirt arrived very quickly.
    12. I participated in Onee-chan's first Group Order from NaruSasu.
      She communicated very well, was prompt, and was very organized.
      Thank you so much for running the GO! ≧ω≦
    13. I sold her some Puki mitten hands...smooth transaction...no problems!
    14. Onee_chan_taichou joint my clogs GO, we have good communications , everything went smoothly, she is a nice buyer, thank you ^^
    15. I trade some Puki clothing and accessories with Onee_chan taichou for a faceplate. Everything went well, great communication. Hope you enjoy the clothes!
    16. I participated in a Crobidoll group order run by Onee_chan_taichou. She was very organized in running it and was good at keeping the group updated as to what was going on. I would definitely do another group order with her in the future. Thank you so much!
    17. ~Positive~
      I participated in a Crobidoll GO run by Onee_chan_taichou. She was extremely helpful throughout the entire order. Very professional and kept on top of things and always updated. I would definetely join any GO she runs in the future. ^__^ Thank you Onee_chan_taichou!
    18. I took part in a Crobidoll GO run by onee-chan-taichou, and I think she did a great job! Everything arrived in good time, and communication was always good. Thanks again! :D
    19. I was in a Crobidoll GO onee-chan-taichou ran, and she did a wonderful job. The communication was excellent, always updated, and she got things sent out very quickly. I would definitly do business with her again.
    20. I joined the Crobi group order started by onee-chan-taichou, she is great, easy to communicate, and sent my item very quick.
      highly recommended!